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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Thomas and Friends to visit Rainhill

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends will be steaming into Rainhill Library next Wednesday 23rd August between 10.00 am and 12.30 pm with lots of good advice and free goody bags.

The library, in View Road, will host a full Thomas working railway layout supported by games, videos, Thomas stories and badge making.

The event is being organised by Council library staff and Trackoff - which aims to educate youngsters about the dangers of trespassing, vandalism and playing on railway lines.

Please note that children under 11 must be accompanied by an adult. For further information contact 01744 677822

Monday, August 14, 2006

Merseytravel are promised £28,000 for Rainhill Station

The National Labour Government has awarded Merseytravel £28,000 for improvements to Rainhill Station to include a new ramp (disablement friendly), disabled parking spaces and signage. Under the "Access for All" fund, the village station is one of four on Merseyside to have been identified and awarded funding. Our longstanding battle with Merseytravel over disabled access will only finish when we are happy that the improvements are in place. If there is a shortfall in the money allocate to do all the necessary jobs, we will be lobbying for Merseytravel to fund the remainder.

We, your local councillors, together with Cathy Wilson, ex Parish Council Chair and Disability Discrimination Act Champion, after years of campaigning, look forward to finally see our historic station freely accessable to all.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

"Shirt Factory" estate goes resident parking only!!

Last Wednesday, August 9th, marked the beginning of resident only parking on this busy estate. For far too long, cars belonging to workers and Whiston Hospital visitors have been clogging up the narrow roads of the estate. Residents have indicated good first impressions. The new signs can be clearly seen from each of the three access points to the estate.

We respectfully request that vehicles associated with Whiston Hospital use the multi-storey car park recently constructed for them.

Residents help with warning notices

A number of local residents have volunteered to warn offending motorists that they are now parking illegally.

Some Hardcore Motorists

I personally checked if any of the above cars had parking permits, none had. Five motorists should expect a very expensive parking fee soon.

Warburton Hey Site for Redevelopment

Helena Housing has agreed to a £21 million redevelopment of the town centre estate. The whole of Rainhill Village is set to benefit and be revitalised by the build of modern housing on the site which will consist of a mix of "to let" and "to buy" homes. 167 flats will be demolished in planned stages and all residents will be regularly consulted and updated on progress by public meetings and newsletters.

The blocks of flats on the Warburton Hey site have been an eyesore for a number of years and existing accommodation is not of a quality consistent with Helena Housing standards. We know that a small minority of residents have lived there for many years (and enjoy living there) but there has been an extremely high turnover of persons letting recently and the flats are becoming less attractive to potential residents.

We have seen increases in anti-social behaviour in the area and only 12 months ago Helena in partnership with the local police made an estate wide survey of the properties and land. Five potentially abandoned properties were discovered (giro drops), several illegal cars were found and areas of vandalism were noted. Further regular visits were promised.

Labour councillor Joe DeAsha, who holds regular surgeries at the Labour Club across from the flats, has most experience of the issues of the area through regular complaints from residents. He said, "This is an exciting project which we fully support. We have seen the accommodation on this estate deteriorate in recent years and believe the residents deserve a better quality of life".

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Rainhill High School submit Planning Application

The Media Arts College on Warrington Road have this week submitted a planning application for an all weather pitch. Planning Application Ref No P/2006/0900 can be examined in full on the St Helens Council website. The full size pitch, if successful, will have full floodlighting and sound deadening barriers around the complete playing area to reduce noise polution.

The Headmaster, John Pout, has forwarded with the application, an open letter "to all concerned" emphasising the need to work in partnership with all stakeholders including other local schools, the youth service, police, local sporting clubs and last but not least, their neighbours.

Proposed hours of operation are:
School use during term time - 8am until 5pm
Community use - 5pm to 9pm Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday: Summer and Easter Holidays 9am to 5pm: Closed during Christmas.

The Football Foundation are supportive of the proposal and would provide half of capital costs. It is pointed out that under the terms of the Football Foundation, a minimum requirement of available hours necessitates the evening finish of 9pm and the opening hours at weekends.

Commemorative Plinth looking tired.

St Helens Council have recently put in place the much anticipated plinth, but already it is suffering severe weathering. The brasswork will need to be cleaned and protected from the elements if it is to be kept in pristine condition.

The photo shows the new shiny brasswork being examined by Cllrs DeAsha and Doyle together with saturday shoppers.

Crime figures for July in Rainhill

Rainhill still appears to be a popular target and burglaries did occur in Longton Lane, Newby Avenue and St James Road. An attempted burglary took place in Thornedyke Close.
Cars broken into and theft of vehicles continues to be a real problem and incidents occurred in the following places:
Stoney Lane, Warrington Road, Fairclough Road, Renwick Avenue, First Avenue, Mill Lane, Knowsley Road, Ashton Avenue, Allendale Avenue, Stapleton Road, Meadle Close and Bretherton Place.

Joe, Mike and myself again urge village residents to be vigilant. It really does only take a few seconds for a sneak thief to act.

Lynn Carberry, Police Laision Officer also warns of the "distraction burglar". Four males with ID entered a house in St Helens posing as utility workers after a supposed complaint from residents of "Contaminated Water".

Resident Parking Scheme gets the Green Light

Your three Labour Councillors Joe DeAsha, Steve Glover and Mike Doyle have been working with St Helens Highways Engineers to devise an acceptable scheme for residents to alleviate the unacceptable parking that has been taking place since the development of the new hospital commenced.

A number of options have been considered and on Wednesday 19th July 2006 a residents meeting was held, attended by about 30 residents, to explain the proposed scheme. It is intended to have a “RESIDENTS ONLY” parking scheme throughout the whole of the estate (including Stoney Lane) in operation in the next few weeks. Signs will be erected throughout the estate and any person in breach of the order will be dealt with by way of a fine.

Each household will be allocated two passes and they are not transferable. Any special circumstances, e.g. a person with a carer, will be catered for individually. We intend to have a meeting with the Hospital Management, the Police, the Fire and the Ambulance Service in order that they understand the details of the scheme.

We ask that all residents co-operate with the scheme and hopefully access by the bin services and emergency services will be very much improved. It will be in place for 18 month as an experiment and monitored on a regular basis. Your comments will be welcomed by St Helens Council during the time and if it proves successful the scheme will be made permanent.

Oakdene School becomes a safer place for our children

Further to complaint from local residents of Ashtons Drive regarding the inconsiderate parking outside Oakdene School, we have been successful in obtaining the finance to install signage and road markings to promote considerate parking and the improved safety of our children. We were able to secure funding under the "Safer Routes to School" initiative introduced by the Labour Government.

The Rose hits the streets

Our latest edition of The Rose is now being delivered in Rainhill. Current issues in the ward include:

The Commemorative Plinth finally laid in the Village Centre in Houghton Street (see article)

The continued poor parking around our schools including blocking of resident's driveways and access problems for the emergency services. Check out the Oakdene School Success which was too late to be included in this issue.

Our continuing fight for disabled access to the Rainhill Village Station. HOPEFULLY SOME GOOD NEWS TO BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY

The Dane Court Parking Pay Stations - your views are being sought.

The Alleygates around the Rainhill Road and Park Avenue area are really looking good. Loads and loads of plants have been installed and residents should be proud of their contributions. Incidently, the keen eyed will have noticed that the alleygates on Rainhill Road next to the commercial building are too small and a gap is present big enough to get through. We are currently awaiting a replacement set of gates that will fit snugly.

Planning Issues

0451 4 Ribble Avenue - Single storey extensions - granted
0440 15 Tasker Terrace (Corner Shop) - Change of use from sandwich shop to hot food take-away - refused
0561 668 Warrington Road - Single storey rear extension - granted
0393 26 Horwood Avenue - Single storey rear extension - granted
0489 The Manor Farm, Mill Lane - Retention of satelite dish and security cameras - withdrawn.
0521 23 Stonecross Drive - Single storey rear extension, change of garage to habitable room - granted.
0527 The Manor Farm, Mill Lane -
Retention of satelite dish and security cameras - withdrawn.
0503 10 Second Avenue - Conservatory and detatched garage - granted
0505 16 Toftwood Avenue - Two storey side extension and porch - granted
0511 35 St James Road - Work to trees - granted
0516 15 St James Road - Rear roof dormer - granted
0615 19 Brancker Avenue - Conservatory - granted
0635 1 Porter Close - Conservatory - granted
0415 140 St James Road - Demolition of existing dwelling, redevelopment to incorporate 4 new dwellings - refused
0548 The Manor Farm, Mill Lane - External Rear Access ramp - granted
The Manor Farm, Mill Lane - External Rear Access ramp - granted
0690 34 Fairlie Drive - First floor side extension, rear single storey extension - granted
0709 89 Mooreway - Conservatory, pitched garage roof - granted
0081 Chapel House Farm, Chapel Lane - Change of use of land and building to use as landscaping and agricultural contracting business yard - withdrawn
0645 58 Mossdale Drive - conservatory - granted
0686 4 Station Road - Change of use from shop to restaurant + two storey rear extension - refused.

0744 21 Fairclough Road - Conservatory
0758 3a Hayes Mount - Conservatory
0809 156 Two Butt Lane - Single storey side extension
0822 4f Play Centre, Old Lane - Erection of play equipment
0827 Chapel House Farm, Chapel Lane - Change of use of land and building to use as landscaping and agricultural business yard, new access track.
0830 Land to rear of 515 Warrington Road - Construction of car park
0832 23 King Edward Road - Single storey rear extension
0900 Rainhill Media Arts College, Warrington Road - Multi use games area including acoustic fence and floodlights.
0903 25 Bartholomew Close - Detatched 4 bedroomed house
0911 Land adjacent to 3 Stoney View - Creation of hardstanding.
0926 18 Coverdale Avenue - Conservatory
0929 4 Station Road - Change of use from shop to restaurant including raising of height of roof and other alterations.

0306 499 Warrington Road - Retain existing advertisements and display further 3 advertisements at the rear - Written representation
0113 Land south of 34 / 36 Rainhill Road - Refused erection of detached single storey dwelling - Informal hearing
0415 140 St James Road - demolition and construction of 4 dwellings - Written representation.

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