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Friday, August 28, 2009


At the recent Full Council Meeting of St Helens Council we asked the Labour Group on behalf of Rainhill residents to move a motion which strongly objects to the relocation of the regional burns unit to Manchester.

The Labour Group also requested that a Scrutiny Panel be especially set up to include Halton and Knowsley to review any decisions which result in the adoption of the recommendation to locate the Unit away from Whiston Hospital.

A website has recently come online to fight the recommendation and is asking for your support.

Go to http://www.saveourburnsunits.org.uk/ to read all the latest developments. An online petition is in the process of being organised and the site administrator is asking for YOUR INPUT.

Liza Williams of the Liverpool Daily Post wrote on August 27th :

"A CRUCIAL meeting to decide the fate of Merseyside burns care has been postponed until after Christmas.

Anger by campaigners and MPs over creating a burns “supra” centre in Manchester has forced health chiefs to delay a decision on the matter.

It is thought the community backlash against the recommendation, and a scrutiny panel put together by local councils, has prompted the delay of the meeting."

Cllr Marie Rimmer has been asked to chair the Scrutiny Panel

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Today Thursday 27th August, I met with an employee of Bank Machine PLC (who intend to install the machine) and local businesses to assess progress.

Representatives of Bank Machine have been in the village 2 days last week and further visits are planned for next week. Several sites are being considered as well as the original HSBC bank position. These include several shops in the Danes Court Precinct.

Bank Machines PLC have again gave a commitment to install their machine as soon as possible, hopefully within the next 6 - 8 weeks.


Most local shoppers will have seen vehicles mounting the pavement at the junction of Rainhill Road with Warrington Road. Indeed the pavement was badly broken up recently probably caused by a heavy goods vehicle. We have had the pavement repaired and installed these posts which are supposed to stop any attempt to mount the pavement to get past standing traffic trying to turn right at the lights. Several residents have reported near-misses here, one included a mother and pram with baby inside.

Hopefully this deterrent will improve safety around the village centre. Further suggestions to improve safety are always welcome..!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Rainhill Village is to get back its Shopping Centre ATM

Your LABOUR councillors have been negotiating for the new provision with leading cash machine installer BANK MACHINE. During a recent site visit from the company, which involved discussions with local businesses, OUR recommendation to install a FREE cash machine was accepted.

The exact site of the facility is still being investigated and several options are available. Inside Rainhill Post Office was not considered as 24hr cash withdrawal facility was needed.



Monday, August 10, 2009

Warrington Road Planters

Local residents requested some flowers to brighten up the railings by Cartmel Drive. With funding from the Ward Committee we were able to install 8 planters in this location.

FRIDAY 11th SEPTEMBER - Thankfully the undergrowth has now been treated and the railings are due for a fresh coat of paint within the next couple of weeks.



0256 BRYDON NORLANDS LANE -First floor extension over the existing garage - Withdrawn
0300 OAKDENE PRIMARY SCHOOL, ASHTON AVENUE - Two infill extensions to the front and side and a single storey side extension - Granted
0307 153 STONEY LANE - Resubmission of previous application P/2009/0031 for the erection of a two storey side extension and a single storey addition to the rear - Granted
0325 16 FAIRCLOUGH ROAD - Demolition of existing kitchen and garage and erection of part two storey and part single storey extensions to side porch to front - Granted
0338 43 WEDGEWOOD GARDENS - Certificate of lawful development to convert part of garage to kitchen - Granted
0316 12 NORBURY FOLD - Two storey extension to the rear and a new pitched roof over existing dormer at the front - Withdrawn
0336 26 ELLABY ROAD - Single storey extension to rear comprising a part pitched and part flat roof - Granted
0335 THE CROSSINGS 68 VIEW ROAD - Installation of 1no. dormer and 1no. velux window to side elevation - Granted
0373 100 BLUNDELLS LANE - Provision of new access onto a classified road and removal of 3.8m section of front wall - Granted
0380 FAIRCHILD FARM, FOXS BANK LANE - Siting of a caravan in rear garden for use ancillary to the residential amenity of the main dwelling - Permitted Development
0382 LAND ADJACENT TO 25 BARTHOLOMEW CLOSE - Two storey extension to previously approved four bedroomed dwelling - Withdrawn
0397 44 OLD LANE - Two storey side extension - Granted
0432 152 TWO BUTT LANE - Single storey pitched roof extension to the rear - Granted
0449 28 CALDER DRIVE - Porch extension to the front elevation - Granted
0496 17 WILDCHERRY GARDENS - The erection of a detached garage to the front of the property - Withdrawn
0356 LAND AT WARBURTON HEY - Erection of 62 residential units comprising 38 houses and 24 apartments, associated landscaping, access and car parking - Granted
0359 LAND AT WARBURTON HEY - Outline application for a maximum of 97 residential housing units with all matters (except access) reserved - Granted


0500 3 GOLDSWORTH FOLD - Erection of two storey side and single storey rear extensions.
0521 LAND AT 140 ST JAMES ROAD - Substitution of house type for plot D on previous planning permission P/2006/0415
0522 LAND AT 140 ST JAMES ROAD - Substitution of house type for plot C on previous planning permission P/2006/0415
0541 174 TWO BUTT LANE - Demolition of garage at side and erection of a two storey side and rear extension and single storey rear extension. (resubmission of P/2008/0826)
0546 LAUREL MOUNT MILL LANE - Certificate of lawful use for the erection of extension to the rear.
0561 RAINHILL COMMUNITY NURSERY, DEEPDALE DRIVE - Reducing existing mound to the rear of the site and creating a woodland area and track, redevelopment of existing playground.
0564 15 BISHOPDALE DRIVE - Demolition of existing side extension and erection of a new single storey side extension, new hipped roof to existing garden room and erection of new conservatory.
0566 674 WARRINGTON ROAD - Part two storey and part single storey extension to rear and installation of dormer window to rear.
0570 BRYDON, NORLANDS LANE - Single storey extension to the side.
0582 60 VIEW ROAD - Erection of a 2m high boundary fence to side.
0589 2 HOUGHTON STREET - Pavement cafe fronting 2 Houghton street.
0593 21 BEXHILL GARDENS - Works to a tree protected by a preservation order
0611 32 SHERMAN DRIVE - Conversion of garage to habitable room and the erection of part two storey and part single storey extension to the rear.
0615 LAND ADJACENT TO 25 BARTHOLOMEW CLOSE - Substitution of house type, detached 4 bedroom house with integral garage (amendment to 0888/033)
0629 9 BRIARS CLOSE - Two storey extension to the rear.
0659 152 TWO BUTT LANE - Single storey extension to the rear
0674 TURRIS HEATH, MILL LANE - Outline application for one detached dwelling. Permission is sought for access and scale. Appearence, landscaping and layout are reserved.
0681 11 WHITEBEAM GARDENS - Two storey extension to the rear and conservatory to the side and rear.


00214 ST BARTHOLOMEWS R C PRIMARY SCHOOL, SCHOOL LANE - Unauthorised Development- Not built in accordance of the approved plans

00271 401 WARRINGTON ROAD - Unauthorised Development P/2009/0015

00278 13 DANE COURT - Unauthorised Advertisement

00281 15 LAWTON ROAD - Untidy Land

00296 5 LONGTON LANE - Unauthorised Development

00299 5 LONGTON LANE - Unauthorised Development

00326 PLOT 1 LAND SITE OF FORMER 140 ST JAMES ROAD - Erection of gate and fence to front of property in breach of conditions 6 and 7 of planning permission P/2006/0415

00324 46 AMANDA ROAD - Change of use- business operating from domestic property.

00332 222 TWO BUTT LANE - Change of Use

00331 2 HEYES MOUNT - Untidy Land

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