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Monday, September 17, 2007

Local Planning Issues


0584 104 SANDHURST ROAD -Two storey extension to the rear - Refused.
0601 7 SHERMAN DRIVE - To retain pitched roofs + conservatory - Granted
0602 SIGNATURE HOUSE, 232A RAINHILL ROAD - Erection of telecommunications equipment - Refused
0599 36 GALSTON AVENUE - Two storey side extension, first floor rear
extension and demolition of existing garage - Granted
0638 SHIP INN 804 WARRINGTON ROAD - Proposed new terrace with 2no. umbrellas - Granted
0653 99 MOOREWAY - Two storey extension to the side and rear - Granted
0641 13 RITHERUP LANE - Two storey rear extension / detached
garage - Granted.
0666 26 CARTMEL DRIVE - Two storey side extension - Refused.
0676 ST JAMES METHODIST CHURCH, ST JAMES ROAD - Installation of glass doors - Granted
0724 49 MOOREWAY - Two storey rear extension - Granted
0759 12 FAIRLIE DRIVE - Two storey and single storey extension to side
and single storey extension to rear - Granted.
0757 52 RAILTON AVENUE - First floor side extension - Granted
2007/0732 20 STAPLETON ROAD - Demolition of existing rear extension and
erection of single and two storey side and rear extension - Granted.
0733 WILLOW COTTAGE WARRINGTON ROAD - Single storey side extension and a two storey extension to the rear - Refused.
2007/0795 26 STAPLETON AVENUE - Single storey side extension - Granted
0802 3 MALHAMDALE AVENUE - Retention of rear decking - Granted.
0825 12 ELMSWOOD AVENUE - Single storey side and rear extension - Granted
0881 104 SANDHURST ROAD - Two storey rear extension - Granted
2007/0782 660 WARRINGTON ROAD - Two storey side and rear extension, single
storey side and front extension, conservatory to the rear and creation of an additional access - Granted.
0935 BLUNDELLS HILL GOLF CLUB, BLUNDELLS LANE - Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of a new sun room extension with parking spaces beneath - Granted
0967 24 ELLON AVENUE - Single storey extension to the rear - Granted


0810 519 WARRINGTON ROAD - Conservatory to the rear and a new dropped kerb
to the front of the property.
0904 7 EXCHANGE PLACE - Single storey side extension.
0924 20 BRANCKER AVENUE - Demolition of existing detached garage at side and
erection of two storey side extension and single storey rear extension.
0969 1 CRAVEN ROAD - Conversion of existing detached garage into habitable accommodation.
0985 SHIP INN 804 WARRINGTON ROAD - Works to trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order.
1003 5 SEVERN ROAD - Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of
single storey extension to the rear.
1013 4 STATION ROAD - Retrospective application for amendment to shop
front originally granted under P/2006/0929.
1036 ROCKLANDS DAY NUSERY, VIEW ROAD - Erection of covered play area with office space over. Conversion of existing flat roof to pitched.
1058 SANDHILL COTTAGE, WARRINGTON ROAD - Alterations to entrance, 2 metre high wall and 1.1 high post and wire fence.
1060 LAND ADJACENT TO 27 SANDSTONE CLOSE - Substitution of house types for 4 no dwellinghouses previously granted under planning permission
1064 99 MOOREWAY - Works to trees covered by Tree Preservation Order.
1072 GREENCROFT, MILL LANE - Demolition of existing dormer bungalow and
construction of new two storey dwelling.
1080 52 VIEW ROAD - Demolition of existing conservatory, garage and car
port and erection of conservatory, garage and car port and garden store.
1083 75 MOOREWAY - Demolition of existing garage and the erection of a
single storey, pitched roof extension to the side.
1086 21 RITHERUP LANE - Demolition of existing bungalow and erection of two
storey replacement dwelling.
1088 SANDHILL COTTAGE, WARRINGTON ROAD - Demolition of domestic outbuilding and erection of replacement to be used as garage and store.
1093 15 KENDRICKS FOLD - Conservatory to rear.
1098 TOWER COLLEGE, MILL LANE - Resubmission of P/2007/0246 - alternative location of nursery building.
1112 WILLOW COTTAGE, WARRINGTON ROAD - Two storey rear extension and single storey side extension.
1116 515 WARRINGTON ROAD - Single storey pitched roof extension to front, 3 new window openings and loft conversion.


220 3 St James Mount - Clear glazing in garage elevation
255 24 SANDSTONE CLOSE - Erection of Unauthorised Fence
261 HOLT LANE - high hedge
300 RAINHILL HALL FARM, BLUNDELLS LANE - Erection of Entrance Gates
369 HOLT LANE - High Hedge Enquiry


346 31 Deepdale Drive - Untidy land - 2 seperate fines with costs - continuing.
409 9 Station Street - Installation of roller shutters - enforcement notice to remove - awaiting compliance

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Question For The Walkers Of Rainhill Part 1

Can you recognise this public pathway in Rainhill...??? It is properly laid and just wide enough for vehicular access...!!! Surrounded by farmers fields... any ideas..??

It is the extension to School Lane in the Stoops, to the east of the Southern Corridor. The view is looking back towards the village and the dual carriageway is close to the electricity pylon in the background.

Question For The Walkers Of Rainhill Part 2

This is the extremity of the pathway after which it again becomes a full width road, and connects to Bell Lane in Bold ward. This is the most overgrown stretch, particularly the trees, and we have asked that a costing be undertaken to tidy up this part of the public pathway for all to use safely.


One of the most dangerous junctions in Rainhill is to get an anti-skid surface. We have known for a long time that this work needed to be done at the junction between Rainhill Road and Warrington Road and now we have been promised that the surfacing will be completed before the year end. Hopefully it will be finished before the really cold nights set in and the road becomes especially slippery. Cllr Mike Doyle has requested that there be thoughtful consideration to timing to enable a minimum of disruption for vehicles, and then that the work be completed as quickly as possible.


Our neighbourhood inspector Don Blackburn is about to move onto pastures new. He will take up the position of custody inspector at St Helens Police Station from next Monday. Don has had probably one of the hardest areas to manage within the town because his work involved the Saints Knowsley Road Stadium policing.

Rainhill councillors, Mike Doyle, Joe DeAsha and myself have worked well alongside Don and we will miss his humour and good advice. We all wish him well in his new challenging role.

Replacing Don will be Neil Kavanagh, who has working in St Helens previously and had extensive knowledge of the wards including Rainhill. We look forward to meeting Neil and building a strong relationship with him and his team.


You may recall that in a previous posting, we requested the council to start a pilot scheme of door to door plastic recycling in Rainhill.

This was well based, in that residents had asked us for it, and the statistics showed that Rainhill ward were the best at recycling. The council have taken the idea on board - but SURPRISE SURPRISE - we are only one of THREE areas which are now being considered by the Lib Dem / Tory alliance on the executive. It will be very interesting to see who gets the go-ahead for the pilot scheme...!!!

Monday, September 03, 2007


Nine house burglaries in Rainhill were recorded in the two months of June and July this year. Although no cars were reported stolen in the same period, sixteen cars were broken into. We still appear to be a target area...!!!

A 42 yr old man from Thatto Heath was given a sentence of 20 months detention after pleading guilty to a spate of burglaries, one of which he committed in Dee Road in Rainhill.

Having said all the above, the official figures for Merseyside Police Crime Reduction were the BEST IN THE COUNTRY...!!! Robbery, burglary, vehicle offences, criminal damage, drugs and sexual offences were all down.

Local police officers have recently set up a "meet and greet" the public service where residents can talk about issues which affect them. EVERY THURSDAY IN THE LIBRARY between 3.30pm and 4.30pm


Welcome back to Rainhill College for Alex Mitchell and his friends, pictured above, after their recent successes in the last bout of GCSE's. From the left they are: Andy Cross, Neil Wills, Phil Neil, Ste Clague, Alex, Antony Roberts, Alex Kelly, Joe Christian, Matthew Lindsay and Tom Turner. The group are very active in "FAIRTRADE" and have sold thousands of pounds worth of produce which does not exploit third world employees. Alex is keen to sell more to local residents and through this article wants to promote their business further. Recently, enough funds were raised to allow a large number of the group to attend a Fairtrades Conference in London. Anyone interested in further details of products from Alex and his friends can email them at: mitch_fm91@hotmail.com


Well, not seen many tanned bodies this year and just as the schools prepare for the new term - OUT COMES THE SUN...!!!

The latest Rainhill Community Meeting is set for tomorrow (sorry for the late notice..!!) at 7.00pm in the Village Hall. All local residents are most welcome to hear first hand the update on local environmental improvement schemes, and to put their views forward about them and new ones they would wish to see to the panel. I'm hoping there is news on recycling initiatives - especially plastics - but I'm not holding my breath..!!


Today 3rd September, is the start of a shuffle of number and routing changes in St Helens from Merseytravel which is causing much concern. The number 39 which used to travel from Broadgreen to St Helens via Rainhill will now terminate at Prescot...!!!

A regular communicator, Steve B, says"Is it any wonder passengers are confused and do not use public transport!!"

"I know Merseytravel, in particular Neil Scales, believe soon it may get better with 'new legislation' but it is now so frustrating in Rainhill..!!! It has got so much worse over the last few years."

"From the village there were 10A - 6 per hour, 39 (then 5) - 2 per hour, 10C - 4 per hour, 137/8 - 1 per hour, 14 - 1 per hour, 109 evening / Sunday - 1 per hour to St Helens. Now 10A same, New 70 (??), 137/8. "

"Stoops services are now very poor. 61 every half hour daytime, 137/8 now via Parr daytime and even via Lea Green at peak, 6B evening service difficult to connect with 10A. Best bus we have is the 265!! "

As previously stated, the three Rainhill councillors wrote to Neil Scales complaining of the state of the Rainhill bus service - we are still waiting for any improvements...!!

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