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Saturday, November 26, 2005


Last Thursday, the 24th November was an extra special day for the residents and staff of Holley Court in the centre of the village - the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the building.

The staff were king enough to invite Cllr. Doyle and myself along, together with Cllr. Cathy Wilson, chair of the Parish Council, and also representatives from the local police and former colleagues and workmates. There were many old tales to be told whilst enjoying the wonderful spread that was kindly provided. We were informed that two of the original residents were still enjoying Holley Court as well as the original cleaning lady!!!

Two residents are also in their 99th year and we hope to celebrate their century with them next year.
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Friday, November 25, 2005


Your local councillors have been approached several times lately over the inconsiderate parking outside Whiston Hospital. Since the start of work on the new build, things have become intolerable. Many residents bordering on the old Maternity Block are suffering from hospital visitors parking across their drives and even stopping the refuse disposal workers from emptying their wheelie bins.

One resident claimed it was only a matter of time before there was a serious accident. We have put together an action plan with the residents and a petition of over 100 signatures and individual letters was handed to Cllr. Alma Atherton, who is the Executive Member responsible for these matters.

The residents were then asked to come into St Helens Town Hall, and they were able to air all their concerns to the appropriate council officers. Various ideas were discussed and a plan of action was agreed. The council are to carry out an in-depth study of the whole area before proposing any possible solutions. The three local councillors are liaising with Whiston Hospital and the Primary Care Trust, the local residents and the officers of the council to ensure that all parties are kept informed of any developments.

A deputation of local residents were photographed handing over the letters and petition to Cllr Atherton. Cllrs. Glover, DeAsha and Doyle were also present. Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 04, 2005


Lynn Carberry, Extended Police Family Co-ordinator, is now issuing site details where burglaries, both from the home and from cars, have been most prevalent this year. This, she hopes, will be a reminder to the general public where criminals like to target.

Locally, higher car crime (both stolen and broken into) have recently occurred in Warrington Road, Nidderdale Avenue and Holt Lane.

House crime (burglary and attempted burglary) have occurred in Longton Lane, Warburton Hey, Ashton Avenue, Warrington Road, Kendal Drive, Dane Court and Holly Court.

Of course, this does not mean that other areas are not potential targets. Please remember to secure homes and cars at all times. Burglars and Bogus Officials are operating in the area, and not just at nightime. Never leave keys on show, and expensive china and porcelain left on show increases the risk of you becoming a victim.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Your three councillors Doyle, DeAsha and Glover are happy to see that the crossing outside St Barts School is underway, be it delayed for a week or so. Some local residents had concerns over the actual siting of the crossing, and it is only proper and correct to listen, take note and hopefully come to a mutually acceptable siting. We ask all parents, who use private transport to deliver their children to school, to park well away from the crossing to ensure that there is no compromises for the pupils' safety.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Planning Issues

0951 20 View Road - Single storey rear extension - granted
0951 The Rocket, Warrington Road - Single storey rear extension and disabled access - granted
0977 4 Ashley Close - Single storey rear extension - granted
1040 11 Stonecross Drive- Conversion of garage to living accommodation - granted
0992 5 Whitmoor Close - Conservatory - granted
1084 8 First Avenue - Conservatory - granted
0987 King Edward Estate, King Edward Road - Boundary walls - granted
1002 Orchard Dean, Craven Road - Removal of protected tree - granted
1053 Wylde Cop, Mill Lane - Various extensions, conservatory and dormers - granted
1121 18 Dunbeath Avenue - Single storey rear extension - granted
0880 111 Stoney Lane - 16 x 2 and 3 bedroom dwellings - refused
1131 27 Stapleton Road - two storey side extension - granted
1134 387 Warrington Road - Conservatory - granted

1177 15 Toftwood Avenue - Two storey side extension
1180 140 St James Road - Change dwelling to 3 dwellings, erection of lodge type dwelling and erection of 2 x 4 bedroom detatched dwellings
1182 29 Warburton Hey - Temporary site office for contractors
1205 19 Severn Road - Rear bedroom/bathroom extension
1206 Rainhill Community Nursery, Deepdale Drive - 2.4m Paladin fencing
1223 Bretherton Place - Temporary contractors compound
1241 12 Toftwood Avenue - Two storey side extension + single storey rear extension
1248 24 Arnside Avenue - Demolition of porch + conservatory
1249 17 Batey Avenue - Two storey side extension
1264 Laurel Mount, Mill Lane - Work to trees
1266 Romiley, Mill lane - First floor side extension
1272 Wylde Cop, Mill lane - Work to trees
1284 57 Mossdale Drive - Conservatory
1289 3 Coylton Avenue - Single storey rear extension
1290 25 Dorgan Close - Conservatory

P/2004/1336 52 Stapleton Road - Two storey extension - Appeal dismissed

Upgrading of existing telecommunication site - Electricity pylon east of Chapel House Farm, Chapel Lane.

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