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Friday, January 28, 2005

Bow topped fence on Warburton Hey perimeter Posted by Hello

Planning Applications

Warburton Hey Open Space bow fencing was approved at the recent Planning Committee. This is something that the local residents and your councillors have been asking for for some time. It will make the play area a much safer place and ensure nobody will be able to run onto Warburton Hey and get hit by vehicular traffic. The two proposed access points are clearly marked.

News from your Local Police

Can you spare a little time?
Volunteers are already active in Rainhill Police Station every Monday from 9.00am until 2.00pm and from Friday 12.00pm until 5.00pm. Lynne Carberry, Homewatch and Volunteer Co-ordinator, is still looking for more volunteers to assist in a variety of jobs. She says, "Volunteers can give as much or as little time as they can spare. Volunteering is very rewarding, it can get you out and about meeting people and gives you the sartisfaction of putting something back into your community."
Lynne can be contacted on 0151 777 6027

Rainhill Crime Figures
In December there were 2 burglaries and one attempted burglary; there was also three thefts from cars reported. NEWS JUST IN - from the 6th - 20th January there have been a spate of thefts from cars (mainly Ford Focus) and their radio/cd players have been stolen.

Lynne asks that you report anything suspicious on 0151 709 6010 ask for "St Helens" and ask for an incident number.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Highway Improvements - Much more to do

Residents and your councillors have been campaigning for some considerable time over one of Rainhill's worst traffic "hot spots" - RAINHILL ROAD. Replacement street lighting is well on the way and further issues are being progressed. The Coach and Horses corner has been identified as an accident black spot, indeed fatalities have occurred there in the past. We have successfully campaigned for TRAFFIC LIGHTS to be installed there in the very near future.

There continues to be a major problem with double parking and indeed vehicles parking so far on the pavement that it causes major problems for the poor sighted and prams with young children in them. We are working closely with the police over these issues.

WARRINGTON ROAD in the Village Centre continues to clog up at various times due to traffic numbers but we believe that the resiting of the bus stops has had a major knock on effect to the overall problem. We collected well over 100 names on our petition before Christmas which called on MerseyTravel to relook at the sitings of these bus stops. Some of you more elderly amongst us will remember the bus stop which used to be directly outside the Victoria public house which was forced to be changed under police authority because of the dangers it caused. To date, MerseyTravel have not sent a detailed response back to us.

Tackling Grot Spots

This area, behind Bargain Booze on Warrington Road, is an ideal spot for under age drinkers. Literally hundreds of beer cans have accumulated there over the years. Posted by Hello

Chatsworh Road has been highlighted as a Grot-Spot and we are pursuing a rapid improvement plan with the owners of the land using the council's enforcement officers. We hope to have some good news in the near future. Posted by Hello

Eccleston and Rainhill Community Forum

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 26th January 2005 at 7.00pm in Rainhill High School.

These forums are open to the public but can only respond to written questions which have been submitted 10 days previously.

The agenda items for this Forum are to include "Safer Communities" and "Housing - Improvement Program" at which various public bodies including Helena Housing and the Police will be involved. There will also be a presentation on the proposed St Helens Council Budget 2005/06.

A standard item should also be presented to the Forum from the police which will cover recent statistics to include amongst others, local crime figures and illegal parking.

Come along and find out for yourself what's happening in your area.

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Friday, January 21, 2005

Village Centre Improvements

In the Village Centre where there was an extensive repaving carried out Posted by Hello

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Cllr Joe DeAsha is very well known and respected throughout Rainhill. Joe is currently the Chairman of the Licensing Committee and is well placed to ensure St Helens Council handles the new Licensing Laws that are coming forward this year. Posted by Hello

My fellow councillor Mike Doyle who I'm sure will be instantly recognised by the vast majority of Rainhill residents. Mike has been your councillor for many years and has a massive and wide ranging experience of council life. Currently the Executive member for Community Safety. Posted by Hello

My photo taken after winning the Rainhill seat in 2004. I polled the fewest votes of the three councillors and so will be fighting for re-selection in 2006. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Your three Labour councillors, Mike Doyle, Joe DeAsha and Steve Glover, welcome you to our site. We intend to make the site as informative and interactive as possible because we would warmly welcome your views on Rainhill Life.

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