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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We have done a full survey of this part of the ward, from Holt Lane to Chatsworth Road, and from Two Butt Lane to Stoney Lane.

Ward Committee money will help to clean up and improve the area. The picture shows the broken fence alongside the service road near the shops - WE WILL REPLACE THIS FENCE.

We have been asked for flower planters for the tops of the steel railings on the Warrington Road - WE HAVE ORDERED THEM.

We have requested more doggie bins and litter bins for the area - dog walkers tell us where they are best sited.

After the recent fiasco when most of Rainhill had no grit to safeguard both drivers and pedestrians, we have started the process of GRIT BINS WHERE THEY ARE NEEDED. We will need the cooperation of local residents if we site them close to properties. Again, tell us where they are most needed.


This was the scene the morning after what could have been a serious car crash. All that was left were bits of plastic from car parts and one of the headlights. The vehicle had been speeding down Two Butt Lane and attempted to turn into Holt Lane. As you can see, it actually crashed into the corner of the bungalow, some 25 yards from the roadway. Pedestrians had been close by only minutes before...!!!

Knowsley MBC, who control that part of Two Butt Lane have already been requested to install speed reducing measures. Barrie Grunewald gave his commitment, "I will be contacting the Knowsley Council again and will also be lobbying the local councillors to ensure our voices are heard".


Bargain Booze on the Warrington Road was the site of a vicious attack on a cash delivery guard recently. He was struck to the floor and relieved of a large amount of cash. The booby trapped case was quickly found close by with all the money intact. The police believe that the 2 men ran towards Longton Lane where it is likely they made their escape in a waiting vehicle.

Cllrs Joe DeAsha, myself Cllr Steve Glover and Barrie Grunewald immediately contacted senior officers within the Police and the Council to demand installation of CCTV to help eradicate both this type of crime and antisocial behaviour in the surrounding areas.

We have campaigned for CCTV for several years but this latest serious attack could have been much worse. We know that there were several witnesses to the attack and if someone had "stepped in", god knows what might have happened.

By-election set for March 12th

Following the tragic death of our friend and colleague Mike Doyle, the by-election has been called for March 12th.

Rainhill Labour Party unanimously selected Barrie Grunewald (pictured) to be the Labour candidate. Barrie lives in the village and works at present as Case Officer for the Rt Hon Shaun Woodward MP. He has wide knowledge of politics from parish affairs all the way up to helping our MP in his wide ranging list of duties and responsibilities. He will be an invaluble asset to Rainhill Village residents if he is successful in the by-election. We hope that you will show your support for the Rainhill Team and vote for Barrie.

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