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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Some Hardcore Motorists

I personally checked if any of the above cars had parking permits, none had. Five motorists should expect a very expensive parking fee soon.

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  • As a business of 27yrs in the village and as, probably currently the biggest independant employer in the village(now over 40 employees)the answer to your problem with parking is obviously the piece of wasted land at the rear of the Chung Ku, which I am confident Cllr Doyle will remember from a Parish Council AGM some years ago where a pettition of some 6thousand names was put forward for a car parking facility on that particular piece of land on which the Parish Council now have squatters rights. This would solve the local car parking problem and encourage those local residents who now feel it is easier to travel to Prescot and park for free at Tesco than utilise the local shops in the village.

    By Anonymous Carl Keith Salons, at 9:40 pm  

  • As a continuation of the previous comment I would also like to point out that there are no local council public disabled parking spcaces within the village.
    In some peoples opinion the new monument to the Rocket, at considerable cost to the Parish council was placed in one of the few free car parking areas (for several cars) which would have been better placed on the grassed area than taking up the car parking places.If a solution is not found soon to the problem of car parking then the village will die resulting in loss of jobs the closure of traditional local businesses. The biggest problem is that any early spaces are taken by commuters to Liverpool and Manchester and British Rail should be held responsible for providing parking for these people. If you are of the same opinion then please contact us by e-mail on carlkeithsalons@tesco.net to see if we can save our village.

    By Anonymous Carl Keith Salons, at 9:50 pm  

  • Hello - and I have to agree that the issue of parking in Rainhill Village will continue. There are many times that I have driven around looking for somewhere to park and decided to forget it as I am not paying to park just to buy a newspaper on the way home - so some other shop outside the village gets my business. However there is another issue that has a major impact on families and that is the cost to park you car to take your kids to school. If we are all to follow the law and not park outside peoples houses near to the schools (for which my roadtax pays for the upkeep I beleive? and can I have yellow lines outside my house please?) then we have no real choice but to park on the private land next to the village hall. We can all argue that we should be walking to school but before you do remember that life has moved on in the last 25 years and families now have to rush the kids to school on the way to work. So for the average family to take your kids to school it now costs £84 per year or £588 over the course of the childs life - a nice little earner for somebody - the same somebody who has not upkept the parking facility to the level you would expect from a normal council or ncp car park. Ironically the "inspector" - we all know him -turns up between 8:30 and 9:00 and 2:45 to 3:45 to catch his victims, "of course you have 10 minutes grace before I will ticket your car" he tells me - but I still need to buy my ticket and he justifies the charges by telling you " everything costs nowadays" - yes thats right mate tarmac and a bit of paint does if your bosses could be bothered to at least make us feel like we have paid for a service. So I am glad that commercialism has finally reached our beautiful village to the extent that we are charging our families to park for 10 minutes to educate our children...but remember Mr Landonwer whoever you are that when we stop using your shops because our "10 minute grace" period is about to run out - or our wonderful older generation are being "hassled" by your inspector you will no longer be able to collect your lease money from them as they will be going going gone...

    Why do you not condsider your customers and residents and allow a 30 minute free period - just enough time to get the kids and pop to one of the shops. Anybody parking for longer periods - charge them a higher rate...

    Lets remember that Rainhill is a beautiful place it always has been a place to be proud of - but please try to keep things real and lets encourage our local families to support the village.

    By Anonymous Stuart, at 2:44 pm  

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