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Monday, December 25, 2006

Seasonal Greetings from your Labour Team

Friday, December 15, 2006

Local Planning Issues

1117 Rock Bank, 27 Mill Lane - Single storey side elevation - granted.
1155 7 Dane Court - Erection of Storage Unit - granted.
1145 19 Goldsworth Fold - Conservatory - granted.
1226 11 Garsdale Avenue - First floor side extension - granted.
1238 60 Ashton Avenue - Conservatory - granted.
1280 14 Millom Avenue - Two storey front extension + porch - granted.
1302 4 Marian Drive - Single storey rear extension - granted.
1209 497 Warrington Road - Retain existing shop sign - refused
1216 94 Ashton Avenue - Single storey rear extension - granted.
1250 Land north of St Helens Linkway / Chapel Lane junction - Erection of freestanding advertisement on highway verge - granted.
1279 1 Dorgan Close - Two storey side extension - granted.
1162 81 Mooreway - Garage conversion + first floor extensions - granted.
1193 Fairchild Farm, Foxs Bank Lane - 4 stables, haystore, tackroom, sand paddock, etc. - granted
1219 8 Stonecross Drive - First floor extension + single storey extension - granted.
1273 5 Calder Drive - Porch - granted.
1348 389 Warrington Road - Conservatory - granted.

1310 Land near junction of Warrington Road and Holt Lane - 8m camera pole.
1311 Land at junction of School Lane & St Helens Linkway - 8m camera pole.
1364 10 Calder Drive - Conservatory.
1376 60 View Road - Conversion of dormer bungalow to 2 storey and 2 storey side extension.
1382 Shirebrook Fairchild Farm, Foxs Bank Lane - Outdoor Menage.
1391 3 St James Mount - Two storey front and side extension.
1400 21 Ritherup Lane - Demolish existing bungalow, erect two storey house.
1410 "Showerings", 576 Warrington Road - Construction of staff block to rear of shop.
1435 Rainhill Community Nursery, Deepdale Drive - New Children's Centre.
1438 7 Owen Road - Porch.
1452 876 Warrington Road - Single storey rear extension.
1461 14 Fairlie Drive - Single storey rear extension.
1462 370 Warrington Road - Conversion of flat roof to pitched.
1473 12 Fairlie Drive - Various extensions to side and rear.

502 74 Rainhill Road - Alleged change of house to 2 apartments.
524 Longton Lane School - Erection and removal of Fencing.
532 Tower College, Mill Lane - Breach of condition 2.
560 Land between Fernwood, Mill Lane and 27 Sandstone Close - Unauthorised development.
561 Land at Sandstone Close - Unauthorised work to protected trees.
346 31 Deepdale Drive - Untidy land - 2 successful prosecutions - awaiting requests for tender to carry out works in default.
359 Fairchilds Farm, Foxs Bank Lane - Unauthorised development - Appeal rejected - new compliance date 23/11/2006.
TBA Land south of Fairchilds Farm, Foxs Bank Lane - Unauthorised development - awaiting compiance.

Dane Court car park offpeak charges reviewed

We continue to beggar belief that there is any sense in having a good convenient car park next to the well used Village Hall that is 80% empty in the early evening. I personally will not use the car park and I know many others have commented the same. Several motorists have indicated that they have lost money in the machines, they simply don't refund all the coins when they should. I have also been informed that some cars have been clamped and a "freedom charge" of £80 demanded.

Some better news on the horizon though as the charges for evening/night parking are now set at a maximum of 40p. Perhaps our campaigning, together with individual users, has indeed had an impact!!!

539 Fixed Penalty Notices and Rising

Residents living next to Whiston Hospital are still having problems with inconsiderate drivers parking illegally. Merseyside Police have literally swamped the area to help local residents and issued well over 500 fixed penalty notices, each costing the driver a £30 penalty.

Newby Avenue alone, seen above, although small in size, has "attracted" no fewer than 246 illegal parking fines. Emergency vehicles, refuse wagons, etc. are still having their access denied.

Merseyside Police have now highlighted the problem on their local website in an attempt to alleviate the problem. Headed " Whiston Hospital – use the car park or face a £30 Fine", they have outlined in detail the local residents only parking scheme and the reasons for it.

You may well have noticed, if you have passed it, that the multi storey car park is now being used more and the upper levels are filling up.

Please don't be tempted to park on the estate "just for an hour's visiting Aunt Mabel", you could have a very expensive suprise waiting for you on your return!!!

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