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Friday, April 28, 2006


Election Fever is almost on us now and I have been wearing a pair of shoes out making sure that everone in Rainhill has a chance to see my Election Address. PLEASE INFORM ME IF YOU HAVE BEEN MISSED OUT.

The latest postal vote count indicates that less than half have been returned as of yesterday, Thursday, so there are lots more propping up mantelpieces and in glove boxes.

We are determined to beat our previous record turnout of recent years for a local election, so please remind family, friends and neighbours to get them posted.

Our Chief Executive, Carole Hudson, was photographed a couple of years ago showing a 48% turnout which is our target to beat this year.

Check the website for further updates.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Speeding motorists fined £80

Rainhill motorists cannot fail to have seen the mobile speed cameras in action around St Helens lately. Warrington Road (last Monday) and Elton Head Road are being "visited" every week in an attempt to impose the speed limit and reduce accidents. Other thoroughfares in Rainhill are being targeted as well.

Some details:
Elton Head Road - 16 fixed penalty notices issued in one day.
Warrington Road - an average of 6 fined on each occasion.
Prescot Road - 94 fixed penalties (plus 3 points on your licence) and 388 cautions in a six week period.

I am informed that these operations will continue throughout the summer - watch your speed and watch your wallet. And finally, you could get BANNED !!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Planning Issues - Updated 5th May 2006

0208 12 Tarlton Close - Single storey side extension - granted
0215 HSBC Dane Court - Second ATM machine - granted
0292 11a Toftwood Avenue - Single storey side extension - granted
0224 34 Old Lane - Single storey side extension - granted
0225 13 Fairley Drive - Single storey rear extension - granted
0258 Romiley, Mill Lane - Conservatory - granted
0246 3 Lawton Road - Demolish garage and summerhouse and erection of 1 1/2 storey bungalow - refused
0261 11 Marley Close - Pitched rooves on dormers - granted
0264 18 Kendricks Fold - Conservatory - granted
0276 826 Warrington Road - demolition of old garage and erection of new garage - granted
0283 Tower College, Mill lane - Single storey extension to Lodge House - granted
0302 43 St James Road - Cut down hawthorne tree - granted
0310 5 Second Avenue - Conservatory - granted
0340 409 Warrington Road - Conservatory - granted
0346 7 Stapleton Road - Conservatory - granted

0413 1 Calder Drive - Conservatory
0415 140 St James Road - Demolish house and build 4 dwellings.
0419 150 Stoney Lane - Single storey side extension
0437 2 Newby Avenue - Single storey side extension and pitched roof.
0438 15 Tasker Terrace - Retain free standing portable advert.
0440 15 Tasker Terrace - Retrospective change of use from sandwich shop to hot food takeaway
0451 4 Ribble Avenue - Single storey extensions
0454 364 Warrington Road - Two storey side extension
0489 Manor Farm Pub, Mill Lane - Retain satellite dish and security cameras
0505 16 Toftwood Ave - Two storey side extension
0511 35 St James Road - Work to trees
0516 15 St James Road - Additional dormer window

00478 Land south of Fairchilds Farm, Fox's Bank Lane - Breach of Planning Control - Informal Hearing set for 23/05/06
00104 Fairchilds Farm, Fox's Bank Lane - Breach of Planning Control - Informal Hearing set for 16/05/06
0113 Land south of 34 / 36 Rainhill Road - Refused erection of detached single storey dwelling - Awaiting hearing date

Rainhill Library accepts Council Tax payments

If you prefer to pay council tax payments by monthly instalments, you can now pay at the local library. From this Monday, payments will be accepted from local residents by the library staff. This service is provided by the Labour controlled St Helens Council in an effort to give everyone the widest possible choice of option for payment. Residents now have seven choices:
By post
By telephone
Using the internet
By interactive digital TV
Visiting Lincoln House
Automatically by direct debit and now
By visiting the library.

Rainhill again hit by Thieves

March has proved to be a costly period for many respectable Rainhill residents as their houses and cars have again been targeted by opportunist criminals. Three cars were stolen (View Rd, Rainhill Rd and Stapleton Rd) and at least eight were broken into.

Four burglaries took place in St Annes Place, Kendricks Fold, Weaver Ave and Warrington Rd. As Spring brings the lighter nights (and a warm spell currently), please ensure your possessions are locked and secure:


Grace Wins North West Tonight's "Put Your Family in the Frame" Competition

Congratulations to Grace Collins as the outright winner of Granada's "Put Your Family in the Frame " competition announced recently on the North West Tonight local news programme.

There were thousands and thousands of entries with children painting, drawing or using collage to show a portrait of someone who is special to them. Grace painted a wonderful tribute to her dad using acetate paints.

I am especially proud because Grace attends Oakdene Primary in Rainhill where I am a governor, and I know how hard the school works to get the best out of each and every pupil.

Grace's prize includes a full day school visit from judge Mark Speight (pictured), the presenter of children's TV programme "SMART", who will bring with him £1000 worth of art materials courtesy of Manchester Art Gallery. Mark will work with Grace's class to produce what is described as "an exclusive piece of artwork for the school".

The BBC and local press will be there for the big day, so keep an eye out for the article in the papers and on a future edition of North West Tonight.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

My Election Address

Please take the time to read my Election Address which will be distributed in Rainhill Village in the next week or so. I have enjoyed the work in Rainhill immensely and want to continue in the same vein.

We are always looking to invite residents to join the Labour Party or if you feel non-political, perhaps you would help us to distribute our regular informative newsletters. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Please phone or email me, details are on display at the top RHS of the website.

We May Need Your Help !!!

St Helens MBC needs to assess housing needs for the future and has commissioned a research company to determine what St Helens householders want / need and to report back their findings. Over 12,000 questionnaires are being distributed from next week, that's about 1 in 5 addresses, to a sample of households within Rainhill and St Helens in general. We urge you, if one pops through your letter box, to take the time to complete it and return in the pre-paid envelope provided.

Your views are important and will help us to retain our 4 star status which we all should be proud of. There are phone numbers available for help if it is needed, total confidentiality is given, and the forms will only be seen and processed by the consultants.

This is another example of your Labour controlled council listening to your views and needs.


This is a rare opportunity to feedback your views to the local "big-wig" on what the local police do well and not so well locally. Chief Constable of Merseyside, Bernard Hogan-Howe, will be in town next Thursday 20th April to outline his policing initiatives around Merseyside.

Officially called a "Community Talk Back" event, he wants to know what are important issues to you, to improve your feelings of safety and quality of life.

The event is taking place in the St Helens Town Hall with a 7.00pm start.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Congratulations to the Society today for managing to stage this epic twelve hour marathon of Music and Dance in aid of Cancer Research. Early photos show the advertisements on the Village Hall including free admission notice, the initial welcome and opening speech by Mike Doyle and the hardworking Tombola Ladies doing their bit for the charity.

Starting at 10am and entertaining non stop until the final curtain call at 10pm is a remarkable effort by the Society. The Parr Band set the morning off to a great start and entertainment came non stop by the likes of Pilkington's Choir, Alhambra School of Dance, Liverpool Barber Shop Harmony Club, The McNamara Irish school of Dance, Cowley Singers, and much much more.

As a wonderful Finale, The Rainhill Amateur Operatic Society held a two and a half hour concert to finish the day on a real high. Loads of people helped to make a fantastic event which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The real winners, of course, are the charity Cancer Research, which will put all the money raised to good use.

Stoops Island - Latest Update

As you may well be aware, work to improve traffic flows have recently commenced. The works, to date, have required off peak traffic management to St Helens Linkway, which has minimised overall traffic inconvenience.

Towards the end of April, the work will require full time traffic management, which will inevitably cause traffic disruption and delays. The council's Engineering Section have apologised in advance for this disruption and will ensure that delays are kept to a minimum.

The expected completion of the Stoops Improvement Scheme is October 2006.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Election Starts in Earnest

A couple of photos taken recently. I attended a function in Manchester held to promote the elimination of world poverty and Gordon Brown was the guest speaker. Gordon feels very strongly about eradicating this blight on the world and he was warmly applauded for his views and knowledge on the subject. I had a chance to air my own views when I met Gordon afterwards.

Marie is photographed at the Labour launch in London on Wednesday this week.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

28 days to the election

Last Monday was a memorable day for me when I found out who I would be contesting the Rainhill seat with at the forthcoming elections on May 4th. Both the Tories and the Lib Dems have candidates but I don't know them personally. There are no other nominations but unfortunately a British Nationalist Party candidate is fighting Town Centre ward, a party whose ideals are detested by myself and fellow councillors Joe DeAsha and Mike Doyle.

Labour officially launched its Election campaign in London on Wednesday and it was extensively covered by BBC 24hr News. Ian McCartney, the Party Chairman made the introductionary speech and admitted he was a Wigan Warriors supporter, adding that the Leader of their great rivals, St Helens, Marie Rimmer was later going to brief everyone how a top Labour controlled council, St Helens, was leading the country in efficiency and deliverance.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Planning Issues

0065 31 View Road - Lopping of branches to protected trees - granted
0106 24 Railton Avenue - Single storey rear / side extention - granted
0090 Newlands, 41 Mill Lane - First floor addition - granted
0100 47 Deepdale Drive - Single storey side extension - granted
0133 14 Knowsley Road - Pitched roof to existing flat roof - granted
0149 30 Railton Avenue - Conservatory - granted
0114 497 Warrington Road - To retain existing shop sign - refused
0184 1 Lawton Road - Demolition of existing barn / erection of bungalow - withdrawn
0137 29 Sandhurst Road - Conservatory - granted
0177 1 Swale Avenue - two storey extension - granted

0276 826 Warrington Road - Erection of double garage on site of existing garage
0279 18 Fairclough Road - Two storey side extension
0283 Tower College, Mill Lane - Single storey extension to lodge house
0292 11a Toftwood Avenue - Single storey side extension
0300 Brydon, Norlands Lane - Single storey rear extension
0302 43 St James Road - Permission to cut down tree
0310 5 Second Avenue - Conservatory
0316 Norton & Co, 499 Warrington Road - Retain 4 advertisements and display a further 3.
0325 Fairchild Farm, Foxs Bank Lane - Loft conversion
0340 409 Warrington Road - Conservatory
0346 7 Stapleton Road - Conservatory
0357 Rock Bank, 27 Mill Lane - Two storey rear extension
0393 26 Horwood Avenue - Single storey rear extension

00478 Land south of Fairchilds Farm, Fox's Bank Lane - Breach of Planning Control - Informal Hearing set for 23/05/06
00104 Fairchilds Farm, Fox's Bank Lane - Breach of Planning Control - Informal Hearing set for 16/05/06
0113 Land south of 34 / 36 Rainhill Road - Refused erection of detached single storey dwelling - Awaiting hearing date

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