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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Crime figures for July in Rainhill

Rainhill still appears to be a popular target and burglaries did occur in Longton Lane, Newby Avenue and St James Road. An attempted burglary took place in Thornedyke Close.
Cars broken into and theft of vehicles continues to be a real problem and incidents occurred in the following places:
Stoney Lane, Warrington Road, Fairclough Road, Renwick Avenue, First Avenue, Mill Lane, Knowsley Road, Ashton Avenue, Allendale Avenue, Stapleton Road, Meadle Close and Bretherton Place.

Joe, Mike and myself again urge village residents to be vigilant. It really does only take a few seconds for a sneak thief to act.

Lynn Carberry, Police Laision Officer also warns of the "distraction burglar". Four males with ID entered a house in St Helens posing as utility workers after a supposed complaint from residents of "Contaminated Water".

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