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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Resident Parking Scheme gets the Permanent Green Light


You may have heard a rumour on your estate that the Residents Parking Scheme has come to an end and is not to be replaced. We, your Labour Councillors, can assure you that this is totally unfounded. The scheme has been extremely successful and in line, with our newsletter, is now to be made PERMANENT. There will be a short time lag whilst the legal procedure is put into place. We hope this allays any fears.

We can assure you of our continued support and are delighted it has been such a success.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Oak Tyres on the Warrington Road have decided they wish to expand their current business. To do this, they have decided, after assessing their current location, that another local larger site is needed. The above plan is a possible development of the Warrington Road site.

Local residents and councillors were invited last weekend to a public exhibition held on the premises, where relevant questions could be asked and answered. Mike Doyle sought assurances that the business was not expanding out of town, we wanted extra jobs to be sought locally. They gave that assurance.

The layout of the draft proposal is for 116 units over the 5 acre site. The breakdown was 64 Four Storey Apartments, 36 Two Storey Townhouses and 16 Detached Houses.

Oak Tyres intend to submit a planning application to St Helens Planning Department this month. Residents of Rainhill will then have a further opportunity to air their views.

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