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Monday, February 28, 2005

Planning Issues

0020 246 Rainhill Road - Rear extentions
1939 Somerfield Store - Customer & staff parking, landscaping,etc.

0119 39 King Edward Road - single and two storey extensions
0120 9 Porter Close - two storey extension
0129 71-73 Ritherup Lane - three storey Apartment block (11 residential units)
0139 2 Newby Avenue - Conservatory
0147 13 Fairclough Road - Side/Rear extensions
0154 "Oaklea", 1 Owen Road - Outline application for demolition of existing bungalow and erection of two storey apartment block (eight apartments)
0161 26 Fawley Road - Extension
0169 Oakdene Primary School - Security fencing and gates
0171 34 View Road - Conservatory
0174 67 Stapleton Road - Extension
0191 "Brydon" Norlands Lane - Extension
0206 Premier Travel Inn, 804 Warrington Road - Replacement of existing signage.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Your next Police Forum  Posted by Hello


The next Police Forum will take place on 8th March 2005 at Thatto Heath Activity Centre, Elephant Lane, Thatto Heath. The police are holding these forums at various sites throughout the borough to enable residents more access. Two recent ones were at the Town Hall and at Broadway High School. The public are most welcome to attend; Senior Police Officers, Sergeants, Constables and Community Support Officers will all be there to present the latest crime statistics, put forward their latest initiatives to reduce crime, and take on-board issues that are affecting the local residents of St Helens.

Learning & Skills Council Consultation on 14 - 19 yr olds Education

This consultation is now underway. All parents with secondary school students will receive a consultation document via the appropriate school. All views, including the young peoples, are being encouraged to be vented.

The process is being run by the Learning and Skills Council, but there will be Local Education Officers present at the public meetings. Please come along and air your views.


Starts at 7.00pm expected to end at 9.00pm

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Recycling is the way forward for Rainhill. Posted by Hello

Green Waste Recycling.

St Helens Council is committed into extending their recycling initiatives, and are going to extend their distribution of "Green Bins" for garden waste and cardboard once the funding has been found. Mike Doyle, Joe DeAsha and Steve Glover have been at the forefront of the campaign to deliver these green bins to the residents of Rainhill. We have shown that there are pockets within the village that could contribute substantially to the growing recycle figures.

We are confident that council officers have accepted our case and will give a "Green Commitment" to the village residents. We will, of course, post further updates when they are available.

Rainhill Gardeners Challenge

St Helens Council are looking at the possibility of local people taking on their own "Civic Pride" team at the next St Helens Show in July this year. Individuals, Community Groups and Businesses could test their horticultural expertise against the experts, and display their creations to over 300,000 visitors over the three day show.

The council are asking for a register of interest to see if the "challenge" is possible. Contact the Marketing Services team on 01744 456864 and win the competition for Rainhill.

Planning Issues

Some of the latest planning applications and planning submissions that affect Rainhill Village are set out below:
1928 60 Amanda Road - single storey extension and conversion.
0807 Somerfield, Warrington Road - improvements to the rear.
1850 22 Ashton Avenue - single storey conservatory + garage.

0061 4 Ivy Farm Road - single storey extension.
0072 61 Longton Lane - two storey extension.
0084 Land at 15 Lawton Road - 24 apartments.
0100 10 Norberry Fold - dormer roof changes.
0103 7 Dane Court - hardware/DIY change to restaurant/take-away.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Deepdale Drive area goes green.

Rainhill Parish Council have agreed to part fund a tree planting project in the Deepdale Drive area. Alongside the Tree Council funding, about 130 trees will find new homes with the generous help of enthusiastic pupils from Rainhill High School. The £659 project is one of a number of local tree planting partnerships being undertaken locally.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The AGM is being held tonight at Rainhill Labour Club from 7.30pm. Posted by Hello

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