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Friday, December 15, 2006

539 Fixed Penalty Notices and Rising

Residents living next to Whiston Hospital are still having problems with inconsiderate drivers parking illegally. Merseyside Police have literally swamped the area to help local residents and issued well over 500 fixed penalty notices, each costing the driver a £30 penalty.

Newby Avenue alone, seen above, although small in size, has "attracted" no fewer than 246 illegal parking fines. Emergency vehicles, refuse wagons, etc. are still having their access denied.

Merseyside Police have now highlighted the problem on their local website in an attempt to alleviate the problem. Headed " Whiston Hospital – use the car park or face a £30 Fine", they have outlined in detail the local residents only parking scheme and the reasons for it.

You may well have noticed, if you have passed it, that the multi storey car park is now being used more and the upper levels are filling up.

Please don't be tempted to park on the estate "just for an hour's visiting Aunt Mabel", you could have a very expensive suprise waiting for you on your return!!!

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