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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Bargain Booze on the Warrington Road was the site of a vicious attack on a cash delivery guard recently. He was struck to the floor and relieved of a large amount of cash. The booby trapped case was quickly found close by with all the money intact. The police believe that the 2 men ran towards Longton Lane where it is likely they made their escape in a waiting vehicle.

Cllrs Joe DeAsha, myself Cllr Steve Glover and Barrie Grunewald immediately contacted senior officers within the Police and the Council to demand installation of CCTV to help eradicate both this type of crime and antisocial behaviour in the surrounding areas.

We have campaigned for CCTV for several years but this latest serious attack could have been much worse. We know that there were several witnesses to the attack and if someone had "stepped in", god knows what might have happened.

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