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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Delays expected as sewer work begins

Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from February 11 so that urgent sewer repair work outside 615 Warrington Road in Rainhill can be carried out. The project will take seven days and motorists may experience delays.

Monday, February 04, 2008


Councillor Mike Doyle has recently met with both Inspector Neil Kavanagh and Sergeant Neil Forsyth to ask what's being undertaken locally to help the local residents with issues of concern.

Many shoppers will have seen illegal parking on double yellow lines in the village centre. The police are aware of shop owners even parking their vans on the Warrington Road. Constable Andy Miller will be visiting the shops in the village centre and talking to the owners about this issue.

Inspector Kavanagh has said that illegal parking in the village centre will be targeted by his CSO's in the coming weeks.

Weekly police surgeries are continuing to take place in the library every Thursday between 3.30pm and 4.30pm.

On a happier note, crime figures for Rainhill over the past 12 months are WELL DOWN from previous 12 months. Theft involving cars, houses and businesses was down 23%. Anti Social Behaviour Calls to the Police was down by over 50%. The Section 30 Orders, which were in place over half of the year, helped with our youth problem and Mike has a commitment from the police that another order would be sought if it was necessary.


We have been told of several instances recently of stone throwing towards vehicles which potential could cause very serious accidents. The police are aware of this and have told us that the Community Support Officers will be visiting our local schools and talking to the pupils and highlighting the dangers.


At the recent Parish Meeting held on Monday 28th January 2008, we voted on a NIL increase for the forthcoming year. The figures speak for themselves: in the last eight years we have been able to reduce the precept on TWO occasions and hold the precept on the remaining SIX.

The allocation to the Village Hall has been increased by 3% and the fees for use of football pitches has increased by the same amount. These pitch charges still remain 25% cheaper than those imposed by St Helens Council.

We are very proud of our financial control with your monies and a special thanks must again go to our Parish Clerk David Blanchflower.

We believe we are the "Best Value for Money" parish council in St Helens and look forward to seeing the other parish precepts to confirm that when they become available.

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