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Monday, September 03, 2007


Today 3rd September, is the start of a shuffle of number and routing changes in St Helens from Merseytravel which is causing much concern. The number 39 which used to travel from Broadgreen to St Helens via Rainhill will now terminate at Prescot...!!!

A regular communicator, Steve B, says"Is it any wonder passengers are confused and do not use public transport!!"

"I know Merseytravel, in particular Neil Scales, believe soon it may get better with 'new legislation' but it is now so frustrating in Rainhill..!!! It has got so much worse over the last few years."

"From the village there were 10A - 6 per hour, 39 (then 5) - 2 per hour, 10C - 4 per hour, 137/8 - 1 per hour, 14 - 1 per hour, 109 evening / Sunday - 1 per hour to St Helens. Now 10A same, New 70 (??), 137/8. "

"Stoops services are now very poor. 61 every half hour daytime, 137/8 now via Parr daytime and even via Lea Green at peak, 6B evening service difficult to connect with 10A. Best bus we have is the 265!! "

As previously stated, the three Rainhill councillors wrote to Neil Scales complaining of the state of the Rainhill bus service - we are still waiting for any improvements...!!

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