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Friday, May 27, 2005


Anxious residents from the above properties contacted us when a huge dust cloud covered the area after strong gusts of wind whipped up the substance that the local farmer was spreading on the nearby field. The pale brown powder, later to be found out to be crushed limestone, left everything in its wake with a thick coating of material. The farmer was contacted and confirmed the material and the circumstances of the dusting of his field.

Meanwhile, angry residents have contacted Environmental Health and given them a sample of the substance for them to analyse. They are quite rightly distressed and upset not knowing what was happening and have asked that they be informed in future when other substances are being spread close to their homes.

Thursday, May 26, 2005


A carefully organised exercise was carried out on Friday 20th May 2005 within the Warburton Hey area. The "team" consisted of the three members of the Local Police, two Community Support Officers and five members of Helena Housing Support Team. Various complaints had been logged ranging from anti social behavior to various tenant problems.

The vast majority of the tennants were fully supportive of the clampdown and various issues were discovered and will be acted upon. One of the key "discoveries" was the identification of five potentially abandoned properties / Giro drops. Further addresses will be re-visited in the near future and other addresses will recieve a full inspection to ensure no breaches of tenancy.

Individuals who had been causing graffiti were identified, several cars were illegally parked, and five areas were identified where anti social behavior was likely to have occurred. Actions will be taken on all these incidents and regular visits will be made in the future.

Some onlookers would have been suprised to have seen an appearance of the police helicopter to assertain if any assistance was required - thankfully everything was in hand. A big THANK YOU to all the supportive comments that were heard from the local community who appreciated the joint effort to improve the overall well-being of the area by this targetted joint effort
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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Rainhill Village has its fair share of problems caused by inconsiderate speeding motorists. Tomorrow, May 19th, dedicated police patrols across the whole of Merseyside will be shining the spotlight on speeding motorists as they continue their month long Speeding Campaign.

Police Patrols will be carrying out speed checks within St Helens tomorrow in Newton-Le-Willows, along the newly restricted speed limit area of the East Lancashire Road, and also on Warrington Road in Rainhill.

Your Labour councillors urge the residents of Rainhill to please adhere to the speed limit in the Village. Thanks.

Planning Issues

0206 5 Honiston Avenue - single storey extension - granted
0365 14 Fawley Road - single storey extension - granted
0367 29 Porter Close - two storey extension - granted
0383 645 Warrington Road - work to trees - withdrawn
0355 8 Toftwood Avenue - single storey extension - granted
0433 7 Dane Court - alteration of opening hours - granted
0331 Wood House Farm, School Lane erection of stables and ancillary work - granted
0344 9 Stapleton Road - two storey extension - granted
0392 67 Stapleton Road - garden shed - granted
0405 14 Martin Close - single storey extension - granted
0413 8 Burton Close - rear dormer - granted

0508 1 Bishopdale Drive - first floor extension
0523 Tiffin Coffee Shop, 13 Dane Court - modification to allow take-away
0545 32 Galston Avenue - conservatory and garage
0550 2 Sandstone Close - conversion of garage to living space
0551 "Hard Knott" Mill Lane - conversion from dormer to two storey with single and two storey extensions
0555 25 Lincoln Way - first floor extension
0600 11 Stour Avenue - two storey extension

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Councillors Steve Glover, Mike Doyle and Joe DeAsha would like to thank the people of Rainhill Village for helping to returning a Labour Government for a third historic term. Whilst the electorate have misgivings over some issues, there was no real choice over another political party who's way forward was, in real terms, a reversal to failed past policies. We continue to listen to you over your misgivings, and do relate those to your MP Shaun Woodward, in a real effort to enhance our core principles.

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