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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Highway Improvements - Much more to do

Residents and your councillors have been campaigning for some considerable time over one of Rainhill's worst traffic "hot spots" - RAINHILL ROAD. Replacement street lighting is well on the way and further issues are being progressed. The Coach and Horses corner has been identified as an accident black spot, indeed fatalities have occurred there in the past. We have successfully campaigned for TRAFFIC LIGHTS to be installed there in the very near future.

There continues to be a major problem with double parking and indeed vehicles parking so far on the pavement that it causes major problems for the poor sighted and prams with young children in them. We are working closely with the police over these issues.

WARRINGTON ROAD in the Village Centre continues to clog up at various times due to traffic numbers but we believe that the resiting of the bus stops has had a major knock on effect to the overall problem. We collected well over 100 names on our petition before Christmas which called on MerseyTravel to relook at the sitings of these bus stops. Some of you more elderly amongst us will remember the bus stop which used to be directly outside the Victoria public house which was forced to be changed under police authority because of the dangers it caused. To date, MerseyTravel have not sent a detailed response back to us.

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  • Warrington Road between St Barts and the village is like a race track. As a new resident I am very surprised there appears to be no road calming measures in place. This is a very busy road through a lively suburban area with 3 schools in very close proximity. Some mornings when I am walking the dog before work cars, motorbikes and hgvs pass me at least 60mph!

    I would be interested at the average speed of vehicles along this stretch of road. I wouldn't be surprised if it was well over 40mph.

    Are there any signs displaying the limit? Never mind any of the new flashing speed warnings etc.. I find it amazing we have cameras on motorway where there are no pedestrians but absolutely nothing in place along Warrington Road.

    By Blogger Steve, at 12:00 pm  

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