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Tuesday, April 13, 2010



0071 14 Trent Place - Temporary change to office by Helena Housing - Granted
0093 Longton Lane School - Adventure Play Trail - Granted
0097 13 St James Road - Side and rear extensions - Granted
0118 26 Lincoln Way - Single storey front extension - Granted
0010 Turris Heah, Mill Lane - Erection of 3 dwellings - Withdrawn
0037 3 The Meadows - Substitution of house type - Granted
0250 347 Warrington Road - Rear extension - Granted
0091 Orchard House, Briars Hey - Application for Certificate of Lawfulness for a proposed use - Granted
0116 Land fronting Oak Tyres, Warrington Road - Installation of CCTV camera - Granted


0236 Rocklands Day Nursery, View Road - Single storey pitched roof extension.
0238 18 Dorgan Close - Side and rear extensions.
0242 108 Longton Lane - Side extension.
0263 645 Warrington Road - Work to trees covered by tree preservation orders.
0284 The Elms, Craven Road - Work to tree (felling) within Conservation Area.
0297 Rainhill Railway Station - Various repairs by Network Rail.


00098 Hemsec Ltd, Stoney Lane - Breach of operating hours.
00088 610 Warrington Road - Unauthorised advertisement.
00115 Scout Hut, Deepdale Drive - Use of car park for motorcycle training.
00120 Junction of Warrington Rd / Longton Lane - Unauthorised advertisements.
00136 Rainhill Club, Warburton Hey - Change of use - first floor office.
00125 3 Orchard Cottage, Owen Road - Untidy land / property.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Neighbourhood Action Group

Any complaints or comments for our local police officers..?? Want to air your views over the way your local police and community support officers undertake their duties..??
Then come along to the next ACTION GROUP to be held on Thursday 29th April 2010.
Venue is Rainhill Village Hall - starts at 7.30pm


The police have released the latest details of burglary and car related crimes.
Burglaries occurred in Warrington Road, Chatsworth Road, Fairlee Avenue, St James Road, Elton Avenue and Wensleydale Avenue.

A car was stolen from Victoria Street.

Cars were broken into in Warrington Road, Old Lane, Rainhill Road, Station Street, Railton Avenue and Alness Drive.

Please note that crime numbers are down year on year in Rainhill and police are working hard to reduce local crime rates further.


Security firms have phoned local residents offering to sell them an intruder alarm for £1.00.
They intimate that they are working alongside the Police and Crime Prevention.
THIS IS A SCAM...!!! Maintenance contracts on these alarms can cost a fortune.
LETTERS FROM ABROAD have been posted claiming that you have won the lottery. They ask you to send £15 to claim the prize money.
If it sounds too good to be true....it will be a SCAM...!!!


The cash machine presently situated in Ann's newsagents within Dane Court has been extensively used by local shoppers during the last few months. Two attempted robberies have been totally foiled but have given Ann many problems and worries.
After the latest attempt we were informed that Ann was still fully behind supporting this vital service for the local people and we commend her for this.
The old HSBC unit is currently available for lease after earlier plans fell through. If a new leaseholder agrees to move the cash machine back to it's original site, it will be welcomed by all.


Network Rail has finally applied to St Helens Council Planning Department for permission to renovate our historic Rainhill Station. The work will involve many replacement parts including parts of the canopy, the roof, the entrance steps and the retaining walls.
Much of the work has involved ordering specially made parts to the exact specifications of the original parts wherever possible, and have been agreed at every step of the process with the Conservation Officer.
Local residents and commuters have sometimes wondered if ever the work would get started - hopefully the work will commence without any further delays.
The application P/2010/0297 can be viewed in full on the web address below. Click on application search and add application number. "Defect photographs" and "Site photographs" give a good idea of the amount of work to be carried out.

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