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Thursday, March 25, 2010


With all the proposed improvements to the historic Rainhill Railway Station, and the probable move of the Railway Museum within the next 12 months, the station aspect is spoilt by this stretch of untidy land by the platform close to the bus stop.

We have had a land search completed to identify the owners of this land and have requested an enforcement order to clear all the bottles, cans and associated litter, and make the site much more presentable.

New Neighbourhood Inspector for Rainhill

Debra Rayment, the new Dedicated Neighbourhood Inspector, briefly called into the latest Ward Committee to introduce herself. She succeeds Tim Kelly who has held the post for the last 15 months.

Debbie, as she likes to be called, said she was looking forward to working with local residents with a view to making a positive impact within the local community.

She has been made aware that the three priority "targets" most important to local residents as decided at the last Police Forum were:

1. High profile police presence in the Martin Close area to combat any antisocial behaviour.

2. Discouraging illegal car parking outside schools at opening and closing times.

3. Maintaining regular checks of local shops at closing times, especially those selling alcohol.


A planning application which would have seen the demolition of a large Victorian house replaced by 3 smaller houses has been rejected by St Helens Planning Department.

"Turris Heah" is sited at the head of St James Mount in the centre of Rainhill. Local residents were strongly opposed to the development and a large number of objections were submitted to Planning Department outlining their reasons against the application.

Cllr Steve Glover said, "This application was one of several over the last couple of years which has attempted to replace one large house with 3, 4 and even 5 new dwellings".

"An interim planning policy was introduced in 2005 in an attempt to halt this type of "infill" development but was never renewed. We have constantly requested that a new policy be introduced and one has finally been put out to consultation".


The railway coach that has served as the site for our railway museum is to retire very soon. Much needed repairs to the carriage do not make economic sense and the ability to provide disabled access cannot be addressed properly.

Work has been going on in the background for the last couple of years to find an alternative site. A consultation exercise has now been completed with Rainhill Railway and Heritage Society, Rainhill Civic Society and Rainhill Parish Council along with the Ward Councillors.

The obvious site for the museum, an unused section of the railway station building, has been fully investigated and looks ideal. Network Rail have been negociating with St Helens Council and funding streams have been explored.

A cafe bar, run alongside the exhibition with the owners taking responsibility for the museum security, appears to be a very high risk option. A "Real Ale" bar appears a much more business like option. This would link alongside several other real ale bars on the Transpennine Real Ale Trail from Liverpool into Yorkshire.

Come back regularly to check on further updates.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Local "ACTIVIST" moved to Cheshire...!!!

The recent leaflet from the LibDems fails to inform you that their local "Activist" is spending all her time in Cheshire...!!!

See: http://www.cheshirewestlibdems.org.uk/page8.html

We want to assure all Rainhill residents that your local Labour Ward Councillors are committed to Rainhill and only Rainhill. Our priorities are supporting Rainhill Village residents - not Cheshire West residents.

Can you believe anything in print from the LibDems...??


A Rainhill resident has been a victim of the latest telephone scam and has asked me to warn other residents. A "missed call" on his mobile prompted a return call to a 076 phone number - which was mistakenly thought to be a mobile connection. It was in fact a premium rate number...!!!

Cllr Steve Glover said, "I checked out the PHONEPAYPLUS website, the official watchdog, and there is a clear warning on there about this scam"

Check out: http://www.phonepayplus.org.uk/output/news/premium-rate-regulator-warns-no-tolerance-for-076-scams.aspx

Monday, March 15, 2010

Parish Chairman visits Rainhill Childrens Centre

Parish Chairman John Kelly was recently invited to attend the Children's Centre at Deepdale Drive to check out the facility. He was greeted with a large number of local kids who were busy with block building and pastry making amongst many other activities.

The Centre, along with one in Eccleston, is a satellite of the Happy Elephant Sure Start Centre based in Thatto Heath.

Check out all the facilities which are on offer:



2009/0812 Lloyds Pharmacy, Warrington Road - various sign postings - Granted
0823 17 Lawton Road - Single Storey Rear Extension - Granted
0835 38 Fairlie Drive - Porch and Canopy over Garage - Granted
0821 533 Warrington Road - Rear Extension - Granted
0838 39 Sandhurst Road - Side and Rear Extensions - Granted
0911 The Rocket - Boundary fence and lighting - Granted
0928 1 Fairlie Drive - Rear Extension - Granted
0935 52 View Road - Work on Trees - Granted
0930 53 Deepdale Drive - Porch and WC - Granted
0950 Turris Heah, Mill Lane - Removal of 2 Decayed Trees - Granted
0955 Plot 1 Sandstone Close - Work to trees - Granted
0932 3-5 The Meadows - New Detatched House and Bungalow - Withdrawn
0947 Rainhill Ex Serviceman's Club - Retention of 2 Portakabins - Granted
0993 25 Honiston Avenue - Rear Conservatory - Granted
0998 Wylde Cop, Mill Lane - Felling of 1 tree - Granted
0931 Land to rear of 25 Ellaby Road - 3 Terraced Dwellings - Granted
1038 6 Knowsley Road - New Access, Double Gates and Hardstanding - Granted
1040 Warburton Hey Development Modification - Granted
1053 17 Manor Avenue - Side and Rear Extensions - Granted
1054 16 Lawton Road - Conservatory and Side Extension - Granted
1012 Blundells Lane Golf Club - Extension to Greenkeeper's Shed - Granted
1081 Stephensons Day Centre - Cycle Shelter and Tool Storage Shed - Granted
1094 7B Owen Road - Garage Conversion - Granted
2010/0008 Rainhill park - Children's Play Area - Granted
0019 29 Cartmel Drive - Rear Extension - Granted
0043 3 Goldsworth Fold - Resubmitted Application 2009/0500 - Refused
0027 4 Wensleydale Avenue - Side Extension and Garage - Granted


1087 Fairchilds Farm - Orangery Extension
0010 Turris Heah, Mill Lane - Erection of 3 Detatched Houses
0037 3 The Meadows - Alterations to application 2008/1220
0071 14 Trent Place - Change to Helena Housing Welfare Office
0091 Orchard House, Mill Lane - Application for Certificate of Lawfulness for proposed use.
0093 Longton Lane School - Adventure Play Trail
0097 13 St James Road - Side and Rear extensions
0116 Land fronting Oak Tyres, Warrington Road - CCTV Installation
0118 26 Lincoln Place - Front Extension
0130 Land between Vincent Rd and Warburton Hey - Approval of reserved matters
0143 3 Owen Road - Amendments to previous application


00028 152 Two Butt lane - Unapproved Development
00034 644 Warrington Road - Unapproved Business Usage
00036 Cedric House Nursing Home - Non-compliance with Enforcement Notice
00043 Briars Hey, Mill Lane - Use of building as an office
00081 Land to Rear of 70 - 104 Deepdale Drive- Untidy Land


Three VAS (Vehicle Activated Signs) are now in place along Warrington Road. Their positions are: Close to the Stoops Garage coming into the village; Close to Whiston Hospital coming into the village; and before the High School on the outbound stretch of roadway. We have requested the police to also maintain their mobile speed cameras operations on the Warrington Road.
The possibility of a further VAS for Rainhill Road was investigated but no suitable location was available.

Changes to the Concessionary Travel Pass Scheme

The Government has announced that from April 6th 2010 the age at which you become eligible for an Elderly Person's Travel Pass will increase and will no longer be on your 60th birthday.

If your 60th birthday falls between 6th April 2010 and 5th April 2015 you will be affected.

A helpline website is available: http://pensions.direct.gov.uk/en/state-pension-age-calculator/home.asp

or by ringing Merseyside Ticket Unit on 0151 236 6056

29th March

"Changes of the scheme will not effect Merseyside" said Mark Dowd, Chair of Merseytravel.

"We will continue to provide free transport on buses, trains and ferries after 9.30am for the over 60's as we have done for the past 22 years"

The additional costs, which are believed to me minimal, will be funded by Merseytravel.

Another Grade II listing in Rainhill

A little known tunnel under the Liverpool to Manchester railway has been given the listing for its' architecture.
Built in the late 1820's, the 104ft long tunnel goes under the earliest locomotive passenger line in the world. It was built to accommodate a tramway which linked Sutton Colliery with a weighing machine and coal stockpile on the Liverpool to Warrington turnpike road.
Bourne's Tunnel as it is known, has a mysterious background. Nobody is quite sure who designed the tunnel, or indeed who was responsible for its' finely engineered construction.

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