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Thursday, June 29, 2006

June Crimes in Rainhill Village

Lynn Carberry, Merseyside Community Laision Officer, reports that through dedicated actions in St Helens, there has been a 50% reduction in burglaries since November 2005.

Rainhill, however, still appears to be a popular target and burglaries did occur in Elderswood, Holt Lane and St Annes Place.

Car theft is also a real problem and incidents occurred in the following places:
Longton Lane, Stoney Lane, Rainhill Road, Dunbeath Avenue, Warrington Road, Blundells Lane, Newby Avenue, Ratcliffe Place and Ansdell Villas Road.

Joe, Mike and myself again urge village residents to be vigilant. It really does only take a few seconds for a sneak thief to act.


Details have been released by the council of the main attractions for this years show which takes place over the weekend 28th, 29th and 30th July.

It will open in fun style Friday July 28 when Tweenies Fizz and Jake will meet and greet their many fans at various times during the day.

Other attractions include:

The free 500 seater non animal Festival Circus, featured on the BBC; The Main Arena will features headline attraction the Vander Brothers Double Wheel Spectacular. Other acts include mega Minis Stunt Team, Jez Avery Mountain Bike Stunt Show, Vale Royal Falconry, Kangaroo Gymnastic Display Team, H & M Dog Display team and the Ambassadors of Borrowash.

The Young People’s Area will feature the popular Crazy Bears and Ward Allen the dog plus face painting, inflatables, DJ marquee, clowns and the Sure Start Information bus.

The Main Stage is back with an array of Local bands and dancers. Wish FM will be your hosts so expect to see some special guests !

The Classic Car Show boasts a display of vintage cars. This year car owners will dress in the garb of the era the cars were made to create an authentic atmosphere.

Access St Helens offers you the chance to access Council, Community and Voluntary services in an interactive and positive way.

The RSPCA Fun Dog Show on Saturday and Sunday will give youngsters the chance to show off their pets and categories include the cutest dog, best dog handler and best wagging tale.

The Equestrian Show , organised by the Laffak Riding Club, takes place on Saturday and Sunday.

The Military Zone will see the Army, Royal Navy, TA, RAF and Royal Marines, with information on career opportunities plus a Rope Slide, vehicle displays, paintball range and assault courses.

Plinth to commemorate 175th anniversary of the Rainhill Trials.

Houghton Street, in the centre of the village, has now been fully pedestrianised with the introduction of wooden bollards at both ends. That was the signal for the long awaited plinth to be put in place and we all went along to inspect the work and seek shopper's views.

Constructed in grey and pale cream marble, it is fully etched and has a lovely brass sleeve around its waist. Around the sleeve are the original locomotive contestants of the trial together with their respective designer/builder/drivers.

Several trees have already been planted and the area will be illuminated by directional lighting from two dedicated poles. Residents were generally supportive and requested more areas of equal charm. As you can see, the plinth is flat (we originally asked for a sloping surface) and at a height suitable for sitting on. Shoppers suggestions for a couple of park benches in the area would be a welcome addition during daytime, but we feel it would encourage groups to gather at night and possibly cause anti-social problems. We hope that the area is respected and kept clear of litter and glasses, bottles, etc, and becomes an integral part of the village centre.


Alleygates have now been put in place in the Rainhill Road and Park Avenue area and have been an immediate success.

Neighbours now know that it's a safer and friendlier place and are taking pride in the alleyways appearance. Many plants have been put in along the pathway including a great number of bedding, annual and perennial varieties.

Do you live in an area of Rainhill where alleygating would be beneficial? Recommendations for suitable installations are still being sought and your local councillors would be happy to start off the process for you and fight for them on your behalf.

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