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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Houghton Street to be pedestrialised

Work is very soon to begin on the pedestrianisation of Houghton Street. Lots of planning and consultation has taken place with the Parish Council, Civic Society, etc., to make the most out of this rare opportunity to change significantly an area in the centre of the Village.

With the 175th Anniversary of the Rainhill Trials in September this year, there was an overwhelming desire to incorporate some artwork and design that reflected the Trials. We will be posting more photos to reflect the changes.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Planning Issues

0551 Hard Knott, Mill Lane - conversion of bungalow to two storey, two storey extension - granted.
0650 644 Warrington Road - Demolish garage and replace with shed - granted
0668 1 Ellon Avenue - Conservatory - granted
0600 11 Stour Avenue - Two storey side and rear extension, etc. - granted
0659 79 Mooreway - Conservatory - granted
1512 318/320 Warrington Road - Erection of sub-station on the site - granted
0687 8 Dunbeath Avenue - Conservatory and porch - granted
0608 800 Warrington Road - Formation of new access onto A57 - granted
0728 35 Sherman Drive - First floor rear extension - granted

0796 26 Galston Avenue - Two storey rear and side extension
0797 15 Cronston Avenue - Conversion of garage to living accommodation.
0798 15 St James Road - two storey side extension, single storey rear extension.
0799 47 St Georges Avenue - Single storey side extension
0804 25 View Road - Erection of covered play area.
0819 22 Knowsley Road - Single storey rear and side extension
0838 29 Porter Close - Two storey rear extension.
0851 64 View Road - Single storey side extension
0864 489 Warrington Road - Change of use to airport transfer booking office
0868 23 Lawton Road - Single storey rear extension and conservatory.
0880 111 Stoney Lane - Outline application for 16 two and three bedroom dwellings.
0894 561 Warrington Road - Lopping dead and overhanging branches

A dangerous spot outside Somerfields Store - cars and vans often parked on the pavement!! A rare photo of traffic free Rainhill Road. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Village Refurbishments finally started

We have been pressing for Village improvements for many many months and St Helens Council have finally begun the work. You will know that a temporary one-way system is in place now to allow the work to be carried out with the least amount of disturbance to both motorised traffic and to pedestrians. The system is expected to be in place for about six weeks.

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