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Sunday, October 09, 2005


Can we make a general "Thank You" to all the residents who took the trouble to send back comments, good and bad, concerning our village. Many of you were happy with the improvements in the shopping centre but issues are still there concerning the area around the station. We continue to fight for disabled access, and our present chair of the Parish Council, Cathy Wilson, has been relentless in her individual fight to get some progress.

Illegal parking in the village is a real annoyance to very many people and we respectfully remind drivers that there are safety issues especially with disabled persons and children / young families. The village's own traffic warden has been instructed to continue to issue fixed penalty notices.

Many residents noticed the dreadful state of the M62 island and requested some action. We were pleased to inform these people that major work on the island is soon to commence, hopefully making the area a pleasant "Welcoming First Sight" for traffic coming into the village.

Anti Social Behavior continues to be reported around Chatsworth Rd / First Ave / Second Ave / Longtons Lane area and we have been working alongside the local police and community support officers to try to improve the situation.

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