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Friday, October 07, 2005


Your Labour councillors Joe DeAsha, Mike Doyle and Steve Glover have been concerned for some time about the speed of traffic and the danger for pedestrians crossing the Warrington Road. Some years ago we managed to have the speed limit reduced to 30 miles per hour outside Rainhill High and recently St Helens Council spent £10,000 on its “Safer Routes to School” programme.

Our two lollipop persons have done a tremendous job in assisting the safety of our children and parents in crossing the Warrington Road. However, in recent weeks, the lollipop person outside St Barts decided to retire. Your Labour councillors immediately made representation to St Helens Council requesting consideration of a puffin controlled crossing as the only long term solution.

We are pleased to report that the council have agreed with our suggested solution and will install the controlled crossing towards the end of October 2005.

We believe it will make a big difference to our childrens and parents safety but would urge parents to ensure that they take care in their parking. Remember, it is all of our responsibility.

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