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Sunday, October 02, 2005

We are aware that at least one white van is illegally taking residents recycled waste in the Rainhill area. Several residents have reported these incidents to us and we would like your help to stamp it out. We believe that paper, but most often clothing material for recycling, is the usual target.

Residents tell us that the van usually appears just after dawn and "swoops" on a area on recycling day when there is very little traffic and pedestrian movement, and hurridly fills the vehicle and gets away within a few moments.

Council officers in St Helens Council are aware of these thefts and would take action if they had details, especially registration marks and times. You can help by telephoning me, Cllr Glover, on my number, an answer-phone is also available, or alternatively email me. I would be happy to pass on any details you have.

St Helens Council uses the revenue saved by recycling to improve services, or maintain the ones we already have, ultimately helping to keep local council rates as low as possible. These early morning rogues ARE COSTING US ALL MONEY. Posted by Picasa

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