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Thursday, February 22, 2007


We have recently been informed that T Mobile are in the process of securing a site for a new mobile phone mast, which will in due time be submitted to Planning Dept. of St Helens Council. The preferred site is by the bus stop on Warrington Road near the Oak Tyres establishment.

I have tried to illustrate the position and size of the mast as accurately as possible. The mast would be 12 metres high and two equipment cabinets would be positioned near the base. The trees on either side of the proposed mast are approximately 10 metres tall.

There are residential properties and shops on the opposite side of the road, and the houses on the edge of the "Shirt Factory" estate can be seen in the background.

We would welcome comments regarding this proposal.

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  • thanks Steve for that illustration it's put my mind at rest. In spite of being a resident living opposite the site the first I'd heard about the proposal came through the post today in the form of "The Rainhill Rose". The Rose as you know is asking for my objections to the proposal to be forwarded to St Helens Senior Planning Officer, Paul Moore. I've contacted Paul for some further details but I'm happy to say that your site has answered them all. In principal I have no objections to the proposal as the pole will be barely noticable amongst the trees for most of the year. The period installation is not going to present any major long term issues. The advantage will be an improvement to network coverage in the area which is poor at present.

    By Anonymous Robert, at 11:01 pm  

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