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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Munch it! Wear It! Taste it! Choose it!

Change Today. Choose Fairtrade, is an urgent call to people in the UK to engage with the Fairtrade Foundation’s vision of an even bigger movement for positive change on unfair trade, including making the switch to buying Fairtrade. This is the theme of Fairtrade Fortnight 2007 (26 February – 11 March), the annual promotional campaign of the Fairtrade Foundation which encourages people to buy products carrying the FAIRTRADE Mark.

Fairtrade sales increase by around 40% every year in the UK, giving hundreds of thousands of producers in developing countries the chance to build a better future and to compete in cut-throat global markets.

In Rainhill Village, only the Co-op The Village Store currently supply Fairtrade products. As consumers we should be asking other outlets to do the same. However, St Barts serve Fairtrade tea and coffee at their meetings and St James Methodist do have a Fairtrade stall.

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