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Monday, November 12, 2007

RAINHILL in 2024...!!!

For the residents of Rainhill who don't get the local free papers, a new draft plan for St Helens 2024 has been released. The consultation process for residents has started and details for Rainhill residents to have their say are as follows:

Rainhill Library
Monday 3rd Dec 2007 until Friday 7th Dec 2007.

See the exhibitions and have your comments relayed back to the council. Unfortunately staff will not be available all throughout the day and I was unable to get a positive response to when they would actually be there..!!

RAINHILL is designated as "Rural St Helens" and as such is unaffected by heavy development. Bullet points of concern are:

Development constraint within existing areas & keep green belt.

Farm diversification, e.g. re-use existing buildings, etc.

Safeguard local services, shops and community facilities.

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