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Monday, November 12, 2007


Following the latest Ward Committee public meeting, two areas around the village centre were proposed for urgent remedial action. Local residents will instantly recognise the tattered and bent rails alongside the station, above.

The station now has listed status and it is imperative that this grot spot is eliminated as soon as possible. Because this area is also in the centre of the Conservation Area, which is presently being re-evaluated, we have asked that the Conservation Officer from St Helens Council attends the next meeting to assist in progressing this project.

WARBURTON HEY has also been identified for possible improvements. The grassy areas close to the pathway suffer from excessive flooding after heavy rainfall and new drainage would remedy the situation. We are also aware from many local residents that the pathways surrounding the grassy areas are also overgrown, have some fly-tipping and also some overflow from a man hole cover. The last particular problem is in an unadopted alleyway which we are investigating a solution to.

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