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Friday, October 19, 2007

Rainhill still being targetted by Thieves

Over the summer and early autumn we have again been targetted by thieves. Properties in Ivy Farm Road, Danby Fold, Rainhill Road, Warrington Road, Mill Lane and Bishopdale Drive were all victims of burglars. Cars were broken into in about a dozen locations throughout the ward, unfortunately some motorists, but not all the victims, are leaving possessions on display whilst their vehicles are parked up.

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCHES or HOME WATCHES are celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year, the first one in the UK was set up in the village of Mollington in Cheshire in 1982 (unless you know otherwise...!!!). If you are interested in setting up your own scheme there is help available - contact us or visit the Cop Shop in the precinct.

BONFIRE ALERT - whilst not wanting to spoil the fun of the occasion, in certain instances there is the need to avert dangerous occurrences. Bonfire material being accumulated near to property or possessions will be removed by the council, phone bulky rubbish on 01744 456789.
Mersey Fire Service have agreed a bonfire reduction strategy, and if an unofficial bonfire is burning they will respond - ring 999 and ask for the fire service.

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