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Monday, July 03, 2006

Yours truly is the latest crime statistic

This was the result of leaving my car on a well lit club car park for 40 minutes last night. Sneak thieves did a smash and grab and it was no fun finding out, I should tell you. The clubs CCTV system, recently upgraded, was set on the club entrance doors!!! Not much use for us car owners!!! But nothing seriously damaged and with a £60 excess to pay all will be well later today.

I am always advising car owners to be on the look-out but sometimes nothing you can do will stop mindless vandalism. Take care.

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  • Perhaps if we could get rid of this Plastic Scouse environment we now live in - Rainhill which belongs to St. Helens and NOT Wooly Knowsley, Huyton scum area etc...Then these buggars that have moved into the area for free, ie with no job, free housing and loads of benefits which I, as a hard-working tax payer have to fund then maybe crime figures would be reduced? RSVP to pierre12001@hotmail.com

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:10 am  

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