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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A temporary but NECESSARY measure

Have you seen the three concrete bollards in the village centre??

Because of inconsiderate motorists, we have had to insist on more bollards to stop vehicles from mounting and indeed parking on pavements in the village centre. Because new ones which match the existing scheme have had to be ordered, we insisted temporary ones be fitted immediately.

Two outside Somerfields Store will stop delivery drivers parking behind the existing bollards on the pedestrian walkway. A further one in Houghton Street will stop the rat-run from the Commercial car park onto Warrington Road.

Vehicles have also been parking on the new paving on Houghton Street and now a large oil spillage is clearly visible on the slabs. When the new plinth to commemorate the 175 yr anniversary of the Rainhill Trials is installed, more wooden bollards will cordon the area off from Warrington Road.

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