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Monday, March 06, 2006


At the recent Full Council held on Wednesday 1st March, the proposed increase of 2.5% on the council tax was passed. Your three Labour councillors MIKE DOYLE, JOE DE'ASHA and myself, STEVE GLOVER, all attended and were somewhat bemused by the comments made by the leaders of the Lib Dem and Conservative opposition.

The Lib Dem position was that the increase was possibly not enough and that the council ratepayers would have to fund the shortfalls in revenue in later years !!! (St Helens has held 2.5% rises for 5 years now). They would not, however, set a budget of their own !!!

The Conservatives, even more bizar'rely, wanted praise for their part in contributing to the efficiencies of our Council !!!

Our unreserved praises do go to the excellent service that the Council Officers have put in, ably lead by the Portfolio Holder responsible for the Budget, Cllr Marie Rimmer.

The Parish Precepts were also approved and it was very interesting to compare the 7 Parish rates. The largest increases were in Bold (9.7% rise - controlled by the Lib Dems), Eccleston (5.2% rise - controlled by the Lib Dems) and Rainford (4.5% rise - controlled by the Conservatives) .
The lowest figure was for Rainhill - minus 4.0% (controlled by Labour) and the only reduction in St Helens.

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