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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

UPDATE - Parking problems nr Whiston Hospital

Local residents around the hospital between Stoney Lane and Warrington Road have all received an update letter on Saturday from their Labour councillors.

Previously we have met with concerned residents and held a joint meeting with them and council officers. After a number of studies by the council, involving the whole area around the hospital which is inconvenienced by inconsiderate parking, there will be action taken to alleviate the problem.

Cllrs Doyle, DeAsha and myself met with senior officers last week and were given assurances that the present position was unacceptable and untenable. Further work will have to take place with the council's partners, e.g. the police, the council's legal department, etc., and with Knowsley MBC before a recommendation is available. We thank local residents for their patience in this matter and give a commitment that we will continue to press for a solution.

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