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Monday, March 06, 2006


RAINHILL LABOUR PARTY actively supports all powers to keep and maintain our village in a clean condition free from graffiti and litter.

Soon legislation will allow all CSOs to carry more powers to help police local communities. Some of the new powers are: Issue fixed penalty notices for anti social acts such as drawing graffiti and dropping litter and powers to confiscate drugs and alcohol.

Although graffiti has not been as big a problem lately as in some areas of the town, we shouldn't become complacent. New legislation is now in place to prohibit the sale of paint aerosols to persons under the age of 16 years old. The Anti Social Behavior Act 2003 also gives teeth to the act of selling these sprays by a maximum penalty for breach of section 54 (the sales) of £2,500 per offence. Clearly if four 15 year olds buy paint aerosols in one shop, there could be fines totalling up to £10,000.

Controlled products now include alcohol, butane cigarette lighter refills, fireworks, solvents and now aerosol paint containers.

Trading Standards Services regularly use volunteer children to buy age restricted products and traders who sell will face legal action. Any information passed to us will be treated confidentially and we will press for Trading Standards to visit traders who may be breaking the Act.

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