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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Alleygates have proved a huge success throughout St. Helens. They restrict access and have been responsible for reducing crime, for example house buglaries, by up to 30% in certain areas. They can also reduce anti-social behavior and give residents ownership and help reduce flytipping.

Residents in Rainhill Road / Park Avenue area have been identified as an area appropriate for these gates and shortly they will be installed.
As you can see from the photographs, the local residents, ably led by Kevin Wilkes, have done a wonderful job in transforming the series of alley ways. Numerous paving stones have been layed to provide excellent walkways. Kevin advertised locally that he was looking for old paving and was astonished over the positive response. As well as this clever use of old materials, it has saved the residents of St Helens monies it would have been charged in landfill taxes.

The next task for the local residents is to try and plant some shrubs and flowers to brighten up the stark walls and fences. We wish you well and feel sure that you will achieve your aims. WELL DONE

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