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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Warburton Hey site for Redevelopment - Update

We recently inspected the area and many of the flats are now unoccupied, their residents have moved on to better accommodation. The particular block in the photo is almost totally empty - we estimate that only about half of the whole site is now occupied. Helena Housing has submitted a planning application for demolition of the old flats and the project appears to be going ahead on time. We are sure that there are many fond and amusing stories concerning the Warburton Hey Site and would love to hear them if anyone would pass them on..!!!

However, we all look forward in anticipation to the new development which will surely be very popular and regenerate the village centre.

May 23rd UPDATE - the site is now 64% empty and hopefully the first stage of demolition will take place shortly. The demolition will be by individual blocks as they become empty and secured. There has recently been serious cases of containers / skips being set on fire. A night watchman is now employed to try and stop more instances of this nature happening.

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