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Monday, March 12, 2007


Well, it's not going to go away!! It's in the local papers every week so what's your comments. Which will be the first pub or restaurant in Rainhill to impose the ban. Will all the local taxi drivers comply and not smoke when they have a fare ??

There will be 2 undercover "agents" within St Helens who will monitor "Smokefree" and have the powers to hand out spot fines of £50. Premises (pubs, clubs, bingo halls, public meetings, etc) will be expected to keep records of people found smoking and the outcomes of these incidents which they will be expected to manage. Premises will be harshly dealt with if they run foul of the law and could receive fines of up to £2500.

But what's the chance of getting caught by these two plain clothed officials - not high I would suspect. And I suspect there will be a few flared tempers too!!! A lot of common sense is perhaps needed and a little time to adjust. National Government tells us that this major piece of Public Health legislation will save many lives and the health of many thousands will be protected.

Is this a price worth paying?

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