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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


One of our priorities is trying to keep Rainhill Village free from over-development and projects not suitable either by design or consequence. We have been involved in several planning applications recently, and represented concerned residents whenever they requested help.

P/2006/1435 New Children's Centre on the Community Nursery Grounds, Deepdale Drive

This application was revised and has been GRANTED. We assisted local residents whose main issue was a projected increase in traffic volume. We pressed for a site visit by the Planning Committee and requested a traffic survey by the authority. We also requested a presence by the police and community support officers to stop illegal parking - some motorists were parking across driveways.

P/2007/0332 Telecommunication Mast on Warrington Road by Oak Tyres Ltd.

We have opposed this application from it's onset. After taking soundings from local residents, only one resident applauded the application. We liaised with one concerned resident, gave advice on issues appropriate to the application, wrote letters for distribution to concerned residents which were kindly distributed by the resident herself. We were concerned that the mast would be by the pathway a few yards from a busy bus stop, passed by hundreds of residents everyday on this busy thoroughfare, and potentially could cause a distraction to motorists and result in an accident. We know that dozens of letters of objection were sent in but no decision has yet been taken.

P/2007/0496 Temporary Car Park (2 years...!!!) off Stoney Lane

This application is for construction workers to use during the rebuild of Whiston Hospital. It is expected to hold 500 vehicles and would be positioned within the greenbelt of Rainhill Village. We are TOTALLY OPPOSED to this and are at present working with local residents to present a substantial case why this would be a complete disaster for the village. We believe there would be traffic gridlock at peak times with this amount of new traffic all converging into Rainhill together. Local residents know how bad it can get at the present time - just imagine how it would be on our narrow village roads..!!

We still want these workers to park outside Rainhill and be brought in by bus, etc., as was originally intended.

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