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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Much has been said in the local press about Mike and the full life he enjoyed right up to the final days of his life. Joe and myself were so saddened by the loss but also felt so privileged to have worked and played alongside him. He touched many, in all walks of life.

Monday started well enough but the rains came and we all got wet - no matter. Hundreds of kids from Rainhill High lined the roadway and the entrance to the church, a very personal "Thank You" to their Chair of Governors. The church was jam packed, standing room only, and the service over-run by half an hour..!!

Father Phil gave a potted history of Mike, even telling the tale of when Mike had his leg amputated with only local anesthetic and a CD of Joe Longthorne to listen to. At the end of the CD Mike asked the surgeon to change the CD as it had finished, "Why?" said the surgeon, "I've finished as well".

Mike would want us to carry on regardless and that is what we shall do. He will continue to inspire us.

His wife Julia has been very positive throughout, she has a massive number of wonderful memories to recall.

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