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Thursday, December 11, 2008


The 3 Labour councillors of Rainhill have been working behind the scenes with St Helens Council and other interested parties, the Civic Society and the Rainhill Railway and Heritage Society, to promote the Rainhill Trials more effectively. We would all dearly love to see a purpose built museum alongside the station but that remains a long term aim.

We have negociated with St Helens Council for a dedicated website, a virtual museum, which will show the history of the trials. Funding has been secured, a project officer is in place and a specialist company are undertaking the development of the site.

Due to go live shortly, keep checking out www.rainhilltrials.com

The site will be interactive and surfers will be able to comment or give information that others may find fascinating. We are also interested in memorabilia you may have stored in your loft or around the house which we could include in the website.

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