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Saturday, July 12, 2008


Many local residents will remember the tragic death earlier this year of an elderly woman who was attempting to cross the St Helens Linkway in Rainhill. On a bright dry wintery afternoon last February, 77 year old Kath Price from Cronton was enjoying a leisurely walk with her partner, Jim Gillespie from Rainhill. They were walking back towards Jim's home and had to cross the busy Linkway at Chapel Lane.

Kath was not too good on her feet, so both were aware of the time needed for them to cross safely. Tragically, on this day, Kath became another fatality. A vehicle collided with Kath and she had no chance. This duel carriageway is an extremely fast road and traffic can build up to a high speed at this crossing point which is about half a mile further on from Micklehead roundabout.

We can't do anything for Kath, but Jim wants us to stop another similar accident. I, Cllr Glover, have done a traffic safety survey at that spot and can see the need for clear signage to alert motorists of possible dangers. It's a sweeping bend and also on a rise so visibility is somewhat hindered. I hope to report some action in the near future.

UPDATE - At the recent Ward Committee, your three councillors were unanimous in proposing "Pedestrians Crossing Ahead" road signs as part of a full Council Assessment of this accident blackspot.

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  • Further to your suggestion for signage at this crossing, do you really think that this is going to help? I for one do not. This is a fast road and the only thing that will slow drivers down, is either the placing of a roundabout, or traffic lights at this crossing. Chapel lane should never have been cut off when the link road was built. Making this into a proper crossing with traffic lights would be beneficial to both pedestrians and drivers. traffic would be reduced at the stoops roundabout if cars could cross the link road to get between rainhill and sutton manor.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:59 pm  

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