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Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Application in for Briars Hey

Raphael Healthcare Ltd have recently submitted a new planning application for low and medium secure units at Briars Hey site. Today, 12th July, they arranged a meeting between themselves and interested parties to supply the full details of the application and to respond to questions.

Between 30 - 40 people attended including local residents and headteacher and governors of Tower College. The main outline reduction of the application can be best understood by comparing with the original planning application:-

2 x 8 bed Medium Secure Unit = 16 places (originally 20)
2 x 10 bed Low Secure Unit = 20 places (originally 40)
3 x 3 Rehabilitation Apartments = 9 places (originally 10)
No application for Supported Living places = 0 (originally 7)

130 staff, original application was 210 staff.
Separate ingress and egress for a one way system on site, originally 1 access only.

If the application was successful, Raphael Healthcare would instigate a 2 x 12 hour shift system that started at 7.45am and 7.45pm. There would be 44 persons working per shift and approximately 10 personnel working office hours.

Planning Applications are :- P/2008/0617 and P/2008/0619 which can be viewed on the St Helens Council website. If there are more than 6 objectors to the applications, it would go before the full Planning Committee in due course. (probably end of summer / early autumn)

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  • This planning application has been amended and had had enormous opposition from people in Rainhill. It has been proven that there is no local need for this facility as there has been a 44 bed facility built in Winwick that opened in July. Desite this and the obviuos increase in traffic to an already busy road Rainhill Council without speaking to the local resdients committee, or canvassing opinion of its members has supported this proposal. This is a private profit-making organisation making money at the expense of the safety of local choldren. Why has the parish council supported this?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:21 pm  

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