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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


At the Full Council meeting (16th Jan 2008) Councillor Mike Doyle congratulated the residents of the borough on their positive approach to recycling particularly in Rainhill. He requested that the green bins be given to every household currently without such a facility and that the plastic pilot recycling scheme be extended to all of the borough.

Your councillors originally campaigned for the plastics to be collected in Rainhill and it has proved to be extremely successful. However, Councillor Doyle was critical of the 6 week collection delay of green bins over the Christmas period and commented, It was a ridiculous decision to organise such a delay at a critical time”. He hoped that a lesson had been learnt and was promised it would be reviewed for next year.

Mike also recently visited the Tasker Terrace Waste Depot in the village centre for a recycling update and discovered that about 60% of delivered waste is now recycled on the site.

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