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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


We have been inundated with emails and phone calls regarding the new parking charges imposed last Friday for car parking on Dane Court in the Village Centre. We are as shocked and disgusted as our local residents are, and wish to correct some rumours that appear to be circulating.

Neither the Rainhill Parish Council nor the Rainhill Village Hall have any responsibility for this new charging scheme. The charges were imposed last Friday without the courtesy of informing the Parish Clerk or the Village Hall committee. The car park is in the ownership of Dane Court Shopping Centre and they are the ones who have imposed the charges. We, as Parish Councillors, have requested that the Parish Clerk issue notices to that effect and one can be clearly seen on the car park charges board. It was put there on Monday afternoon together with one inside the Village Hall entrance.

The knock on affects could have a severe effect on the use of the Village Hall. Parking generally is a real problem in the Village without this happening. I just wonder how they are going to police it effectively and what will happen if you don't pay the charges.

We can assure you that we are all working hard to see what legal challenge we can make to this action. We will keep you informed. It may be helpful if residents could complain direct to the company and we are putting leaflets on cars with the following addresses

Mrs V Rodriguez
Irving Rice
St Nicholas House
Old Churchyard
Chapel St
L2 8TX
Tel No 0151 476 0001

Lawrence Stanier Pinkney
Company Secretary
Lariche Investments Ltd
SA19 6SF

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  • I was really shocked to discover the parking charges on Saturday morning. When driving into the car park I'd wondered why there were lots of people parked on the double yellow lines outside the carpark. I was even more surprised that I needed to know my car registration number to buy a ticket, fortunately where I'd parked I had a clear view of it from the pay station, I'm sure many people didn't.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:53 am  

  • It is sometimes much easier for me to shop in one store. However I prefer to whenever possible support my local shops.

    There is no way I am paying an additional 20p to buy my morning paper. I prefer to take my chances and park where I have parked for years. If they want to hit me with a fine then so be it I am prepared to challenge it.

    I accept that perhaps a small charge should be made after say half and hour or even 15 minutes, as a goodwill gesture to those residents using local shops for just a few minutes.

    The car park is abused by some who leave cars all day. But there is now an accident waiting to happen particularly during the school run, as many parents are now choosing to park on Weaver avenue and beyond.

    The fact that they are also choosing to charge disabled drivers beggars belief.

    If the OWNERS not the shop keepers, insist on carrying on with this charging tactic, it will kill the village. Eventually, the shops will have to close and the landlord will lose much more revenue than the car park charges.

    By Blogger jovi19, at 9:20 am  

  • Aren't people missing the point. Its a privately owned car park, along with the car park for the Commercial pub and the car park for the Victoria pub. So, where is the car park space owned and maintained by the parish council for the good of the community ? There isn't any. Car parking provision has been overlooked within the village for years. Had something been done about the 'park and riders' years ago I doubt this would have happend.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:44 pm  

  • I took my two very young children the the Christmas party at the Village hall play group, I was aware of the charges but it was raining so I did take the car. I put in my £1.20 for three hours and got the buttons wrong typing the car reg in so had to start again. Pressed for my money back and I got the 20p not the pound. Im a stay at home mum trying to do the best for my kids but it seems everywhyere you turn someone is out to rip you off.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:24 pm  

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