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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


We are always pressing for improvements to our Village, sometimes on safety groungs, sometimes on visual impact and often because of the many residents requests we get. One of the most common gripes is to do with the state of the Village Centre, and we always take them on board.

You may have seen some improvement in the Village within the last six months but lots of the centre still looks tired. We have had SUCCESS in winning funding which will transform Houghton Street, which no longer sustains vehicular traffic, into a pedestrian monument to the Rainhill Village links with 19th century rail transport.

Funding has been won to enable work under "Heritage Public Art" to conserve this area with an art feacture and possible tree planting, all cordoned off by bollards along Warrington Road. Views are still being sought over this conservation idea, comments from the Parish Council, the Civic Society and the Railway Heritage Society are being sought. Comments left by interested residents on this website are most welcome.

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