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Sunday, March 13, 2005


Very many residents from Rainhill and St Helens have been outraged at the recent bus services provided by NORBUS. All the local councillors, including us, have been inundated with complaints from angry travellers who have been let down, many on infrequent services, by buses which didn't even turn up.

Many complaints have been forwarded by us to Merseytravel through our representatives who sit on Merseytravel Board, Councillors McGuire and Hargreaves, demanding that action be taken swiftly to rectify the problem. Lots of rumours suggesting all sorts of problems are being circulated, from Norbus sacking many of their drivers, to Norbus actually being out of business.

We are awaiting an official response which we will be happy to pass on. Meanwhile, we are campaigning on behalf of the many disgruntled passengers to sought out the problem ASAP.

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