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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Sure Start Happy Elephant have been active in the Thatto Heath area for a number of years, and now they would like to extend their services to some residents from within Rainhill Village.

Today saw their first networking meeting in the Village Hall, where they met with interested parties from within Rainhill to introduce themselves, and give a presentation on their level of services they provide at present.

Your local councillors, together with members from Church Groups, Voluntary Sector members, St Helens Chamber, Health Workers and others, heard how various services are provided to youngsters and their families, in fact to include the antenatel period up to their 5th birthday. We fully support this new initiatve and feel it is long overdue, local families in Rainhill have the same needs as in other areas of St Helens.

The initial catchment area of Rainhill, where they wish to extend their services, runs from Elton Head Road into the Village Centre, extending in a westerly direction to Chatsworth Road and up to Longton Lane Community School. Other areas could possibly be included in the future.

The Group intend to introduce themselves more fully in the coming months with displays and promotion days in prominent sites around the village. Dates and venues will follow when known.

In the meantime, Sure Start Happy Elephant are more than happy to discuss their work and their future extended services with any interesterd parties. Phone them on 01744 813100.

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